Another Wade Enters the Blogging World

I’ve blogged before about my darlin’ Daddy who blogs about flyfishing and woodworking – just two of his favorite hobbies that he’s quite good at.

And I’ve blogged about my beautiful sister-in-law who is an amazing photographer and lover of my brother and their fur babies.

But now, something I never anticipated seeing has happened – Josh Wade, my little (well, not little, but younger) brother has entered the blogging world. I could tell you all about how my brother has turned into an elite athlete over the past two years, but he says it best on his “about me” page.

josh blog header

Josh Wade may be my little brother (and he even says my first half marathon inspired him to start running), but I have and always will be the one who looks up to him. He inspires me, and all of us, every day.

josh pool

I am just in awe of his dedication to his body and spirit through his new-found love of training. Just this weekend I was in Kingston to watch him do a tri-sprint, and I was just wandering around the park because I wasn’t expecting him for another several minutes. I thought I had time to make it to the finish line where my Mom and sis-in-law were waiting. All of the sudden I hear “Hey J Wade!” from the race course. I looked over and there the little devil was. Running sub-7 minute miles, he’d snuck up on me and was finishing quicker than I anticipated.

He said, “Let’s go for a little run.” I did some sort of wild horse trot and fell into step with him and ran the last couple hundred yards or so with him. I said, “so this is what a 7 minute mile feels like in a Victoria’s Secret bra and jean skirt.” He said, “6 minute mile, actually.” Ha. He’s nothing if not confident.

Anyways – go show him some love over at “Tri and Keep Up.” I’m pretty proud to call him mine.

josh tri




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