The Weight of an Elephant

“Tomorrow, tomorrow! My house will sell, tomorrow! It’s only, a day awaaaayyyyyy!”

Fingers crossed, still. I’ve lost all faith that things should go as planned, so just waiting to see what the fun surprise will be.


Courtesy of my photoshopping sis-in-law, Ashley. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Weight of an Elephant

  1. Please don’t take this is in a weird creeper / lesbian way but more like in a friend way… but I love you lol! You have the best personality! I just have a big soft spot for people that can me laugh even at the smallest things although an elephant on your back is not a small thing! My fingers are crossed that everything goes as planned!

    • Ha!! You are so funny! If I decided to be a lesbian, I could certainly do a lot worse! 🙂 Thanks so much, friend. Thanks for the support and crossed fingers!

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