Weekend Recap — the (not so) Wild Weekend

Rog has been in North Carolina helping his Mom repaint her house, so Callie and I have had quite a wild and crazy girls’ weekend. It went something like this:

Saturday, I worked out at the Delta – Body Sculpt with Stephanie, which never disappoints. I’m always sore, every Sunday. She rocks my face and there’s always just 5-7 of us ladies in the class, so it’s really like one on one training.

I came home and Callie and I organized the guest bedroom. We’ve still had furniture on top of furniture since my townhouse sold. I put the guest bed together and rearranged the guest room. It’s quite precious. Callie’s helping consisted of her being exactly where I needed her not to – like sitting on the box springs while I was trying to put the mattress down and refusing to move until I almost squished her. So helpful.

I skipped lunch while working and was starved at 4:30. I got takeout from Chuy’s and watched Kardashian reruns. Then, I finally bathed after my workout 8 hours prior. I spent the rest of the evening reading and was in bed by 8:30. CRAZY times, I tell ya.

Here are some other recent snapshots from the week/weekend.

For the 4th of July earlier in the week, we went to my friend Sally’s house. She hosted a cookout and there were red, white and blue mudslides and a slip n’ slide. Enough said.

Rog manned the grill – he’s my grillmaster.


This is Lulu – I am basically in love with her. She is the sweetest doggy.


We have a family of opossums living under our stairs outside. They frolic late at night and drive Callie crazy! They are cute and I have to remind myself that they are nasty, germ spreading little suckers, or else I’d invite them in and make them dangle off my hand by their curly little tails. Look at that little gymnast!


Excuse my dorky “I’m Callie’s Momma” voice.

Callie hates opossums

I went to the library Friday after work, killing time before picking Rog up from the airport. I was isolated in a nice comfy chair upstairs and heard this CRAZY yelling that sounded like a foreign language. Turns out, it was jibberish. It was one of the many homeless people absolutely losing his shit about who knows what. I mean, he was yelling at the top of his lungs and we were the only two people around. He spotted me as he was trotting down the aisles and back-tracked, then lingered for a good long look. I thought, “well, this is it. I’m going to have to taze this dude in the f’ing library!” What the heck. Why are 50% of the people in the downtown library, at any given moment, homeless? I guess I can’t blame them wanting to escape the heat, and cardholders don’t pay anything to be in there so we’re all just as entitled, but DANG. That’s not the first time I did not feel safe in there because of the riff raff. I’ll never go back and tuck myself into a cozy little corner like that, and that sucks to feel that way about utilizing such a great space.


I bought this great futon a mere four weeks ago and now we don’t need it since my house sold and we’re furniture rich. Want it? Come and get it.


Saturday nail art.


I did a little car browsing this morning, before CarMax opened, so I wouldn’t be bothered. I just want to look, not talk to anyone about it, yet. Every time I look I feel like I’m cheating on my Eclipse. I mean, we’ve been together and she’s been faithful for 11 years! But the ol’ girl just can’t keep up much longer. And who really wants to be debt free in America, anyways? I’ve unloaded the house, so bring on the next thing! 🙂



Oh man – McKay’s book store. I can’t quit you. Every time I go in there it’s like some kind of competition to see how many books I can find on my Good Reads list – and I like to win, so just get out th’ way.


All Callie said she wanted was my grocery bag.


I rounded out this rowdy weekend with a trip to Costco. Watch out people – you can’t handle this wild child.



3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap — the (not so) Wild Weekend

    • I know! They just closed and then reopened ours in a bigger location and it’s fabulous. YES! Judy Blume. I’ve heard this Summer Sisters book is amazing, and haven’t ever read it. After seeing it again on a blogger’s summer reading list, I decided it was time. 🙂 Go get it! It cost me .10 at McKays. Ha.

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