Have you all heard of the Paleo Diet? Anyone doing it or have success (or horror) stories?

I’ve been interested in it for a while – but didn’t care enough to research it. But I’ve been eating Paleo this week, I’d say 80%, and think I can actually do this.

Paleo is basically the “caveman diet.” If a caveman couldn’t get it, you shouldn’t either. Natural, scavenger-like eating. Hunting and gathering. So fruit, veggies (although not all) and most meats are fair game. Grains and anything processed are not. Notice I didn’t so “carbs.” You can still eat fruits and veggies that have carbs, but in moderation. So, high protein, low carb diet basically.

I steer clear of “diets.” They don’t work. The weight comes back. But Paleo seems like more of a lifestyle change, and that I can support. I’ve been really lax lately about my eating and can tell I totally crash in the afternoon. This week, especially day 4 and 5 on Paleo has been MUCH better. I can already tell a difference.


In  my research several websites said to let yourself have up to three cheat meals a week. Don’t go crazy, but eat that piece of cake. Have that pizza for dinner. Have that glass of wine. So this also makes it sound more manageable. Sometimes you’re out to dinner with friends and just can’t “diet.” OK, maybe you can – but it sucks.


I’ve been “easing in” this week and have still had wine some evenings – we “cheated” with Chinese food last night – I’m still having creamer in my coffee. Etc.

Now my favorite thing to say is “do you think cavemen had Reese’s Cup Pumpkins? What about International Delight coffee creamer?”

Here was my menu this week:

Monday –
Breakfast – mixed fruit, two hard boiled eggs
Lunch – Steak, carrots, broccoli
Snack – coconut and almond bar
Dinner – non Paleo, leftover spaghetti

Tuesday –
Breakfast – scrambled eggs and bacon
Lunch – Salad with ham and mixed fruit on the side
Snack – coconut and almond bar
Dinner – tilapia with garlic, garlic mashed cauliflower and Asian slaw salad

Breakfast – fruit smoothie with spinach, two hard boiled eggs
Snack – freeze dried edamame
Lunch – pork loin, sweet peppers, mixed fruit
Snack – grapes
Dinner – Paleo chile lime chicken wings, sweet potato fries.

Thursday –
Breakfast – scrambled eggs, three pieces of bacon
Snack – edamame
Lunch – pulled pork, greens with hot sauce and fresh fruit for dessert
Dinner – CHEAT – Chinese food.  🙂

Friday –
Breakfast – fresh fruit
Lunch – leftover chicken wings from Wednesday night and tomato soup
Snack – chile lime almonds
Dinner – TBD

Thoughts? Would love to hear what you think or have experienced!




2 thoughts on “Paleo

  1. I’ve been “modified” Paleo since June. As I started Crossfit in NJ I wanted to go all in and was SUPER Paleo this summer – like barely any cheat meals. Now I’m Paleo Lite/Gluten Free Plus (depending on how you look at it). I will eat a little corn, occasional rice/quinoa, and some cheese – but no bread, sweets, other dairy, etc. Also – I drink all wine and have still been seeing results (I know it’s only red for the Paleo, but my point is a grape’s a grape!)

    I LOVE it, feel awesome, have lost 45lbs. so far, and it’s like the easiest thing ever, since you never feel deprived. I hope you like it, too!

  2. I did it for a few months. But I try not to eat meat, so no meat and no grains doesn’t make me too happy. I try to eat clean and love most Paleo recipes, but won’t make myself crazy over it.

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