You’d Make a Good Skier

On Memorial Day I woke up early and went to the gym at my apartment. I know – so many things wrong with that sentence. It’s a holiday – I was off work – but was up early working out instead. I assure you it was only to counteract ALL.THE.EATING.

I felt so good on the treadmill. I listened to music while running for the first time in probably 5 years. When I started training for my first half marathon I was running with a big group (couple hundred people) — and music wasn’t really an option. You were trying not to get run over by a Saturday morning carpool and trying to not pass out while chatting with friends. I found I enjoyed the quiet and the sound of my feet on the pavement. So I usually do my cardio to the rhythm of my panting.

But a couple weeks ago I ran with music. It was awesome. So awesome that I ran a 5K without even really trying too hard. And faster than I normally do. I felt great. Bragged about it all day. Until my ankle started hurting. I figured it was just normal soreness. But the next day it REALLY hurt. Like on my Achilles. I called my triathlete brother who has had his fair share of injuries and most recently, some tendonitis. He gave me some tips (foam rolling and these little exercises on the steps to stretch and strengthen your ankles and calves). That was 2.5 weeks ago and while the pain has moved to the inside of my ankle, it’s still there a bit. I’m afraid to aggravate it, but also afraid of gaining any weight back – so I’ve ben hitting the elliptical HARD for some low-impact cardio.

I don’t know that I had ever been on the elliptical before. I thought I’d probably not be coordinated enough. When I got on it the first time I thought “this isn’t so bad. I’m probably not burning near enough calories.” In 5 minutes I changed my tune. WHAT is happening. Pouring sweat.

I miss running, but have had too many nagging injuries to know better than to test it yet. So, more ellipticalling (a word? Maybe?) for me.

A coworker friend walked by me at the gym while I was hitting it hard and said “Jenn do you ski?” I said nope, never tried it. She said “you look like you’d be a good skier. Real smooth.”

So now I’m all like:

I know.



2 thoughts on “You’d Make a Good Skier

  1. Love it- I miss the elliptical. I’m not currently a member of a gym. Lately I’ve been doing Kayla Itsines workouts and Holy Hell- they are fast, efficient and free! Well, I only downloaded her Free Week of Workouts- 30 minutes and no equipment needed other than dumbbells. I make do with some of the jumping exercises by doing them on my front steps. Thanks for posting!

    • Ohhh I haven’t heard of this Kayla person. I will be looking into this ASAP. 🙂 Thanks for the tip! And thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

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