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I’m a 30-something (does it really matter after 29?) Marketing and PR gal living in and loving on Nashville, Tennessee. I am loving being a city mouse, but am a country mouse at heart. I grew up near (and regularly have to run back to) the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. I need East TN like I need air, some days.

I went to the big orange University of Tennessee knowing I wanted to do something in the College of Communications – probably journalism or broadcasting. I came out with a Public Relations degree and after being blessed with a wonderful internship that turned into a full-time job, I was moved to Nashville upon graduation in 2005. I graduated on Saturday, hopped in my packed little Eclipse, drove to Nashville and started work on Monday. I was terrified and exhilarated. Since moving to Nashville in 2005, I have lived in nearly every corner of it and loved every minute of it.

Professionally, I’m actually using my degree and always have — whether it be at a Public Strategies Agency, a non-profit and now, Corporate America. I feel like professionally I’m finally on a trajectory that I want to continue indefinitely.

Personally, I’m a reader, yogi, runner (although not nearly as much as I used to), exercise lover, over-committer and lover of the outdoors and life.In 2009/2010 I discovered that I love to run distance. I loved to sprint in high school and was fast. Like, record-breaking fast. I hated anything longer than a 400M run. But fast forward to 2009 and 2010 during that particularly dark time in my life and getting lost in running and checking miles off a list sort of saved me. I completed my first half marathon in April, 2010 and my second in September of 2010. I started this blog thinking I would write all about running (hence the title of the blog), but lately running is just a piece of my healthy lifestyle. I love yoga, sculpt classes, spin, swimming and more. I actually will tell you I hate running most days if you ask me now. I only mean it sometimes.

In February of 2015, I finally got sick of how I looked and felt. Despite working out several days a week, I was still eating mostly whatever I wanted and drinking cocktails and wine whenever my heart desired. I started researching this Whole30 program. Unlike a diet, it was more about re-wiring how we think about food and changing the way we listen to what our bodies need.  Food is fuel. If you know what a foodie I am, you know this was groundbreaking for me to even be considering giving up cheese, carbs and alcohol. But I did — and I felt amazing. Bonus – I lost 11 pounds in 30 days and it’s just continued from there. At my most recent annual physical, I was down 33 pounds in a year. In 2015 my physical was the day after I started Whole30. I remember her saying my weight out loud and I thought “not next year…” Feels good to have committed and to see the results!
March of 2014, 2015, 2016.

So, this blog is a mash-up of all things Jenn. You never know what you’ll get — and life is more fun that way, isn’t it?

Oh, and this guy. Big love – real love. Finally. We met at work — he fixed my phone when it went down. Sparks flew. And the rest is history, as they say. Engaged about a year later and married four months after that. He’s my north.
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We bought a little house in the city and are loving being super hip and riding our bikes around Nashville on the weekends, eating at every new restaurant on a whim and just enjoying this life we’ve been given but don’t even come close to deserving.
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Thanks for visiting. Thanks for getting to know us — come back now, ya hear?

7 thoughts on “Meet Jenn

  1. Stumbled across your blog while looking up info about Tzaikis. I am a public relations major at the University of Alabama and I must say I am really impressed with your blog. Super cute and entertaining!

    • Brooke — I don’t think I ever responded to you! But thank you so much for visiting the blog. Yeah for PR at a good ol’ Southern University! My grandpa played football at UA. 🙂 Hope all is going well!


  2. Hey Jenn – saw your blog via Facebook and thought I’d drop-in. So glad to hear you’re doing well in Nashville…you deserve the best and sounds like with Miss Kitten Pants and your Spontaneous Music Man that you’re doing more than well!! 🙂

    With love,

    • Nicole! Thank you so much. You are so sweet. Thank goodness for the internet and social media so we can keep up with each other, right? 🙂 You seem so happy too, Mrs. Merrifield. So glad to hear from you and that you too seem to be doing well! Take care lady.

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