I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

The holidays are upon us, friends. In case you didn’t know it, you can just check my schedule and be reminded. Lawd, things get busy this time of year. This week I actually have THREE nights in a row where I have no obligations, and I don’t know what to do with myself. Last week I had zero free nights. Not that I’m complaining, because those non-free nights are usually filled with boozing and merriment with friends –so, they are commitments I’m willing to make. And even double-book.

This past weekend Dad came in on Friday afternoon. Mom was laid up with a bad cold at home and couldn’t come, so we promised not to have any fun.

We toured the Corsair Distillery here in Nashville, which was really fun. Oops – sorry Mom! It’s in the old Yazoo Brewery space for you Nashvillians. They make gin, whiskey, rum, moonshine, vodka…and probably six other things I’m leaving out. And you get to taste them all at the end. Yes – it’s as much liquor as it sounds like. It didn’t help that we had a high alcohol content beer while waiting on the tour to start – so by about 6:30 p.m. on a Friday I was ready to go to sleep. But, I had a parent to entertain! So, we went to J. Alexanders for dinner then home and watched the first episode of Breaking Bad – trying to get Dad hooked on this one.

Saturday morning Dad and I got up and went to the Girls on the Run 5K. He registered as a normal runner and I was running with my running buddy, Ava. She is the coolest third grader. She PR’d and bested her previous 5K time by 5 minutes! I was so proud of her and we had a great time running. Dad just barely missed the podium and came in 4th or 5th place overall, cause he’s a speed demon. No little girls beat him, which was really all he cared about.


Dad and I celebrated our athletic efforts with lunch at the Silly Goose (the Goose is Loose!) which I think he really enjoyed. We polished it off with some Jeni’s Ice Cream and his visit was pretty much complete. He headed back home that afternoon and Rog and I went to our first Chanukah dinner that evening!

We had the most delicious traditional Chanukah dinner – thanks Kate and Andy!

Sunday I had my Sunday Funday book club and baked approximately 1,000,000 sausage pinwheels. Seriously – I bought $35 worth of sausage, crescent rolls and cream cheese and just went to town. Consequently, also ate about 100 of them and now feel like poo.

Book Club was awesome, as usual. I love those girls. We did a book swap, too, which is always my favorite because the only thing better than a good book is a free good book! We do our big swap every six months and totally rack up. After about four hours of consuming wine, we also decided to hold our March book club in Palm Springs at Sally’s parents’ house. Sorry I’m not sorry my book club is cooler than yours.

Also, as 30 is rapidly approaching I’m acting more and more like an old lady every day. Last night in the dark I fell down (tripped over an ottoman that I suddenly forgot was there, even though it’s been there for a year or more) and banged my knee (my good knee) SO hard. Then this morning when I woke up I was laying there looking at my phone and I sneezed. I was sort of on my side and jerked my head in some funny manner when I sneezed, and damn near threw my back/neck out. Really? I couldn’t LIFT MY HEAD to sit up and get out of the bed. I just rolled onto my side and off the side of the bed. I landed with another solid “thud” on that same knee. Yes!

I guess I’d rather hurt my neck when I sneeze than pee on myself when I sneeze. That’s next, right? Old age.



Pedaling Off My Turkey

I hope you little turkeys had a lovely holiday weekend! Callie and I spent it in East TN with my family and it was so nice to be home with so many people (and fur people) I love in one room.

Callie made herself right at home in Mom and Dad’s house. Obviously.


We ate well. I had leftovers for two days that were plates just full of carbs. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, cheese grits, stuffing, etc. It was all so good.



Of course, as any holiday does, it turned into a Wade family pickin’ and singin’ party.


Also, any time in Roane Co. that we can, we always catch Drivin’ Blind – my sis-in-law’s Dad’s rock band. Yes – that’s how we roll. Scott and the boys always entertain and we were super impressed with the new lead singer. 🙂


We headed back to Nashville on Saturday afternoon so we could have whole day to recover from the family fun before heading back to work on Monday.

Sunday morning started with this family snuggle fest on the couch. Callie was such a good traveler, but so glad to be back in her own house! She always has to be a little extra on guard when she’s at her grandparents’ house – in case I try to abandon her there. So, she totally sacked out for about 24 hours straight when we got home – which meant I could sneak in cuddles while she was in a cat coma.

So, little back story. I’ve been sort of interested in buying a bike ever since watching my brother and Dad dominate in triathlons. I have no plans to dominate anything, except staying upright on both wheels, but I’d been sort of interested in maybe doing a Tri Sprint next year. I looked at one bike shop here in Nashville and got bike snobbed (“titanium this, carbon that, Trek schmeck), so I waited until I was home and had my resident experts take me to a couple shops so I could ride some.

Then, I surfed Craigslist and found a really nice Giant Avail that had been posted mere hours before. It was just my size, nearly brand new (for half off) and was colored “Tangerine.” Big Orange, y’all!

So, Kyle (the owner who was selling it for his Momma) and I met up this afternoon. After a quick spin or two around the parking lot and after running all the deets by my little brother, I put ol’ Tangerine in my back seat and headed for home. I looooove it!


I’ve been over at Centennial Park cruising around on this beautiful day, figuring out shifting and what not. So, who wants to go for a ride!? 🙂

Also, since I work a mere .4 of a mile from my house now, I will soon be one of those dorks riding her bike to work.

Have a great week, little turkeys.


Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

My LITTLE brother is 27 today, which means soon he’ll be older than me! (In a couple years we can celebrate our 29th birthday together, Josh! I’m holding).

I am continually impressed by you and every day spent as your sister is a blessing, little brother.

You have gone from “my baby” that I couldn’t wait to hold…

josh my baby

…to such a fabulous young man. So proud of you.


Oh, and there’s this picture, just because it’s one of my favorites ever. 🙂

josh and jenn car

Happy birthday, buddy.


Some People “Tri,” Wades just Do

Have I mentioned how amazing my athletic family is? I have? Oh, well — hear it again.

My Dad and my brother completed their one millionth (I’ve lost count) Sprint Triathlon on Saturday and each got first in their age group. So cool! They are so amazing.




You can read their race reports here (Dad) and here (Josh).

More soon on my weekend. I did a little exercising myself — and it involved squeezing into the only one piece bathing suit I have, which is an old lifeguard suit from college. Don’t get too excited — there are no photos. But now I know how a sausage feels.


Happy Anniversary, Wades!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to these two little love birds.

Love you, Josh and Ashley. Congrats on a wonderful three years. The way you’ve been there for each other and grown together through good times and bad is an inspiration to everyone around you. We all love watching you be so in love. Don’t ever stop.


Another Wade Enters the Blogging World

I’ve blogged before about my darlin’ Daddy who blogs about flyfishing and woodworking – just two of his favorite hobbies that he’s quite good at.

And I’ve blogged about my beautiful sister-in-law who is an amazing photographer and lover of my brother and their fur babies.

But now, something I never anticipated seeing has happened – Josh Wade, my little (well, not little, but younger) brother has entered the blogging world. I could tell you all about how my brother has turned into an elite athlete over the past two years, but he says it best on his “about me” page.

josh blog header

Josh Wade may be my little brother (and he even says my first half marathon inspired him to start running), but I have and always will be the one who looks up to him. He inspires me, and all of us, every day.

josh pool

I am just in awe of his dedication to his body and spirit through his new-found love of training. Just this weekend I was in Kingston to watch him do a tri-sprint, and I was just wandering around the park because I wasn’t expecting him for another several minutes. I thought I had time to make it to the finish line where my Mom and sis-in-law were waiting. All of the sudden I hear “Hey J Wade!” from the race course. I looked over and there the little devil was. Running sub-7 minute miles, he’d snuck up on me and was finishing quicker than I anticipated.

He said, “Let’s go for a little run.” I did some sort of wild horse trot and fell into step with him and ran the last couple hundred yards or so with him. I said, “so this is what a 7 minute mile feels like in a Victoria’s Secret bra and jean skirt.” He said, “6 minute mile, actually.” Ha. He’s nothing if not confident.

Anyways – go show him some love over at “Tri and Keep Up.” I’m pretty proud to call him mine.

josh tri



Beach Me

The beach trip with the family was ah-mazing. A whole week of togetherness, relaxation, fun and good times. And we didn’t even get tired of each other – I don’t think. 🙂

We stayed in a house in Miramar Beach (just east of Destin and before Sandestin). It’s in a neighborhood called Frangista Beach. We used to drive by it when Josh and I were little and we’d stare at the big houses and think “that must be where the rich people stay.” Ha. While we are certainly not, our foursome was a sixsome this trip and we needed more room! The “Happy Go Lucky” was perfect and I want to live there forever.


There were porches for sitting and catching up and drinking coffee and I miss the “Happy Go Lucky” house already.


Here is a photo overload for you – and all of my iPhone photos can be seen here: https://plus.google.com/photos/103099989861665011156/albums/5744751461106338641?authkey=CIGIwMeTu9yFHA


My sweet parents – about to smooch.


We celebrated my birthday a little early while we were all together. Donut Hole doughnuts – way better than cake!



We had my birthday dinner in Baytowne Wharf at Acme Oyster House.


And topped it with a Fat Tuesday daiquiri.


Dewey Destin – so tiny and such a great hole in the wall dive seafood joint. We watched a mama dolphin and baby dolphin frolic after dinner.


Check out the rain wall moving in. So cool.



Our view when we stepped on the boardwalk to head down to the beach. I miss it!


And some courtesy of my awesome photog sis-in-law. 🙂
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Rinsing the sand off or doing the “Stanky Leg” – who knows.

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I’ve been doing that for years – apparently.


My supermodel brother and sister-in-law.

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Me and my main squeeze – and my birthday dress from my Mom and Dad! Mom had some help from her personal shopper, Ashley. 🙂

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My little familia.

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And then we had a thirsty Thursday. Things happened – like this.


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I had to go undercover for a while.

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I love this brother of mine.

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We may not be right, but they’re my family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


Can’t wait for the next Wade beach vacay! Family is a blessing –and it’s even a bigger blessing when you actually enjoy being around them. Mine is the best. Truth.


I’m Beached

I’ve been at the beach all week, so you’ll have to forgive the lack of blogging. Here are a few little tid bits to hold you over until I return and give you the full recap.

My Dad and Brother did a Half Ironman Triathlon before I got down here to the beach. They are basically amazing and I’m in awe of their dedication. They put the rest of us Wades to shame and we just ride their fitness coattails. You can read my Dad’s recap here and see some sexy photos of them in their wetsuits. http://jeffwadeflyfisher.blogspot.com/2012/05/703-half-ironman.html. Yes – my Dad is a blogger too!

Photo recaps of beach fun: (all of these courtesy of my amazing photog sis-in-law, Ashley Wade Photography):






See ya back on the mainland.


Sister from another Mister

Today is my sis-in-law Ashley’s birthday. Happy birthday, sis! You fit into our family so well and we sure love you to pieces. I hope your birthday is fabulous and wish I was there to celebrate! Here’s to many more years as the Wade family. 🙂

Ashley 2

Ashley 3

Ashley 4

Ashley 5

Ashley 6



Peaches and Pecans

Last weekend my family and I took a long weekend and headed south. Way south. My Mom’s family is in South Georgia – Fitzgerald to be exact. Never heard of it? Shocker.

It’s a small town and I sure love it. My brother and I have such fond memories of spending some summer weeks and every Thanksgiving there for as long as we can remember.

But when I got into college, started working holidays and we were all going a million different directions, the Thanksgiving visits unfortunately came to a halt. Long story short, it had been nearly 12 years since Josh and I visited Georgia. For shame – I know.

But as soon as we hit the farm, it all came screaming back. Josh grabbed his fishing pole and headed for the pond. I grabbed a stick and started poking at fire ant hills and promptly got stung/bit by one. Not much has changed.

It was a great trip with great family and we are all beyond blessed.

Here’s a photo recap of the sweet southern road trip for you. Click on any of these to make them bigger.

Ash and I in the car. Five of us in a Toyota Camry – it was cozy, but flew by. Fortunately we’re all hilarious…and we know it. The stories were abundant.


The farm! And the farm house.


This old cattle chute used to fascinate me when I was little.


Poppa Joe and my Momma.


Fire ant hills. And fishin’.


Dirt roads everywhere. More guineas in the road than cars.



Dad caught the biggest fish of the day!


Poppa Joe promptly went to clean it for dinner – and terrify Ashley by cleaning it for quite a while before finally cutting its head off and putting it out of its misery. Nothing like a fish having its scales scraped off while its gills flap up and down.



Three generations of good genes, if you ask me.


My grandma always has about 5 or 6 cats and dogs – plus the chickens, cows, guineas, etc. It was one of mine and Josh’s favorite things about visiting when we were little – seeing what new animals she’d taken in. She worked for the Humane Society, and oftentimes, WAS the Humane Society. She is an animal lover for sure.


Ashley was quite the fisherwoman too!


Japanese tourist or fisherman? You decide.



On the left, the “town”house that Momma Too lived in for a while. Poppa Joe worked the farm, but Momma Too stayed at her “town”house to stay away from all the pesticides on the farm. They would have their date every night when Poppa Joe came into town for the dinner Momma Too had prepared. So sweet.

On the right is the church my parents were married in over 30 years ago.


Lunch was at Harvey’s – the grocery store. WOW. Look at that buffet. I could eat that again right.this.second. And of course, sweet tea bigger than my head.


Our resident photog. We’re lucky to have her!


The pecan orchard. I have many bags of pecans in my freezer from this place!


That little fella on the far right was so curious about us. It was baby cow season – there were so many of them.


And lastly, this is what Momma Too looked like most of the day. Doing what she does best – snoozing and cuddling an animal or two. “Multi-tasking,” as she says.


It was such a good trip. Let’s go back soon, familia!