I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

The holidays are upon us, friends. In case you didn’t know it, you can just check my schedule and be reminded. Lawd, things get busy this time of year. This week I actually have THREE nights in a row where I have no obligations, and I don’t know what to do with myself. Last week I had zero free nights. Not that I’m complaining, because those non-free nights are usually filled with boozing and merriment with friends –so, they are commitments I’m willing to make. And even double-book.

This past weekend Dad came in on Friday afternoon. Mom was laid up with a bad cold at home and couldn’t come, so we promised not to have any fun.

We toured the Corsair Distillery here in Nashville, which was really fun. Oops – sorry Mom! It’s in the old Yazoo Brewery space for you Nashvillians. They make gin, whiskey, rum, moonshine, vodka…and probably six other things I’m leaving out. And you get to taste them all at the end. Yes – it’s as much liquor as it sounds like. It didn’t help that we had a high alcohol content beer while waiting on the tour to start – so by about 6:30 p.m. on a Friday I was ready to go to sleep. But, I had a parent to entertain! So, we went to J. Alexanders for dinner then home and watched the first episode of Breaking Bad – trying to get Dad hooked on this one.

Saturday morning Dad and I got up and went to the Girls on the Run 5K. He registered as a normal runner and I was running with my running buddy, Ava. She is the coolest third grader. She PR’d and bested her previous 5K time by 5 minutes! I was so proud of her and we had a great time running. Dad just barely missed the podium and came in 4th or 5th place overall, cause he’s a speed demon. No little girls beat him, which was really all he cared about.


Dad and I celebrated our athletic efforts with lunch at the Silly Goose (the Goose is Loose!) which I think he really enjoyed. We polished it off with some Jeni’s Ice Cream and his visit was pretty much complete. He headed back home that afternoon and Rog and I went to our first Chanukah dinner that evening!

We had the most delicious traditional Chanukah dinner – thanks Kate and Andy!

Sunday I had my Sunday Funday book club and baked approximately 1,000,000 sausage pinwheels. Seriously – I bought $35 worth of sausage, crescent rolls and cream cheese and just went to town. Consequently, also ate about 100 of them and now feel like poo.

Book Club was awesome, as usual. I love those girls. We did a book swap, too, which is always my favorite because the only thing better than a good book is a free good book! We do our big swap every six months and totally rack up. After about four hours of consuming wine, we also decided to hold our March book club in Palm Springs at Sally’s parents’ house. Sorry I’m not sorry my book club is cooler than yours.

Also, as 30 is rapidly approaching I’m acting more and more like an old lady every day. Last night in the dark I fell down (tripped over an ottoman that I suddenly forgot was there, even though it’s been there for a year or more) and banged my knee (my good knee) SO hard. Then this morning when I woke up I was laying there looking at my phone and I sneezed. I was sort of on my side and jerked my head in some funny manner when I sneezed, and damn near threw my back/neck out. Really? I couldn’t LIFT MY HEAD to sit up and get out of the bed. I just rolled onto my side and off the side of the bed. I landed with another solid “thud” on that same knee. Yes!

I guess I’d rather hurt my neck when I sneeze than pee on myself when I sneeze. That’s next, right? Old age.



It’s Cool — I’ll Just Sleep Here, Too

If you’ve read the blog for long you know my love hate relationship with running. Some days I love it and some days I’d rather bang my face against the wall than run. Several months ago I started switching up my workout routine to try and come out of my “I hate running, especially in the summer” funk. I did a couple of bootcamps, which I loved, got addicted to BarreAmped, which I cannot afford, and bought a couple of random Groupons here and there.

Speaking of – if you are in the Nashville area, I have about 15 day-passes to the Delta gym if you’d like them. Lemme know.

I told myself that as soon as I sold my house I’d get a YMCA membership. All my friends (i.e. all the cool kids) are members and I wanted to be too – but just needed to wait until the damn house sold before incurring any extra expenses. (That’s what grown-ups do…ahem ahem).


So I joined the Y a little over a month ago and HOLY gym rat, Batman. I am one of them. I am LOVING the Y and all the options I have now. I’ve gotten totally addicted to yoga, circuit blast, swimming and am dabbling in cycling, now. I just took my first cycling class last night and can barely sit down today. You know – in the crotch area. Wow.

But I LOVED cycling! I had no idea. Riding a bike up pretend hills while listening to rap music as someone yells at you to “BREAK AWAY FROM THE PACK!! You’ll come in last if you don’t KICK IT!” through a microphone? What’s not to love?

So, here’s what a typical week looks like for me now – of course, meetings and happy hours occasionally drop in there on the evenings, but if I had NO obligations, this is how I’d roll.

6:00 a.m. – swim a mile downtown (indoors, friends)
5:30 p.m. – yoga with Debbie downtown. She rocks!

6:00 a.m. – Circuit Blast (in East Nash.) with Nikole, my Hungarian beauty. This is 50% of why I joined the Y. (No, not to meet hot girls). My friends are in this class and (rightly so) talk about Nikole non-stop. She seriously is amazing. She’s so encouraging, puts so much thought into planning workouts for us and pushes us till we about die every time. YES! We fondly call it “hell class.” The folks in our class recently raised over $2,000 to send her and her daughter back to Hungary for a visit since she pines for it regularly and hasn’t been in many, many years – so that should tell you what an impact she has on her classes.

Evening – rest

6:00 a.m. – swim a mile or run 2-3 miles, depending on how I feel
5:30 p.m. – cycling downtown

6:00 a.m. – Circuit Blast with Nikole again
5:30 p.m. – rest or yoga downtown (am trying this class tonight for the first time). How well I like the instructor totally makes or breaks yoga for me.

5:30 a.m. – Pancake Run! 3 miles.
6:00 p.m. – Yoga with Gina in Green Hills (Nashville peeps. Have you been to Gina’s class yet? Lawd. She about killed me. It is hardcore, but awesome. Come with me if you’re here!)

REST! Eat and drink. It is football season, after all.

Although…there is a spin class at 8:45 a.m. that I’m checking out this Saturday. 🙂 I’m addicted.

4:30 p.m. – power yoga with Ed. Again – quite the challenging class.

Start it all over again.

So, you’re probably wondering how in-shape I am and how much weight I’ve lost after doing this routine for a little over a month, now? Well, first thing first….I’ve GAINED a couple pounds. UGH! Dang it. It sucks being a woman. I workout like crazy and eat mostly healthy and I GAIN weight because my body is all like “OH NO! Reserve the fat! What if we want to have babies one day?! Must.hold.onto.fat.” DUMB.

In other news though, I know some of the weight gain is from muscle strength. I have lost inches, I can tell, and am much stronger than I was when I first started Nikole’s class, for example. So, I’m not too mad about the scale. So long as my pants continue fitting and I don’t bust out of them like the Incredible Hulk when I walk, I won’t worry about it.

I don’t have a recent picture of me in a sports bra to show you my workout bod progress — but this one looks pretty much just like me, so it’ll work.



Are any of you members at the Y and have a class that you just love? Tell me! As you can see, I like to try new things. 🙂


Photo Catch-Up

Man, sorry for the blog slacking! As spring has fallen upon us, so has the craziness and busy schedules. SO much going on lately! I literally have something on the agenda every evening and just collapse when I get home. Wah wah – anywho. Let’s start with last weekend.

Last weekend I did the Richland Creek Run, which is a five mile race (not to be confused with a 5K, friends) here in Nashville. It’s just a couple miles from where Rog and I live, so that was nice. And it’s relatively small – less than 500 people. I haven’t run 5 miles in forever. Probably since I was training for the 2011 Half Marathon this time last year. So I decided I’d just take it slow and do like a 10.30 pace but try and run the whole thing. I ended up doing like a 10.16 pace, and loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute. Smile I mean, it was RUNNING after all.

The course wound through a greenway in Sylvan Park around McCabe golf course – so the turf was all brand new to me. I’d never been back there, which was nice. I wasn’t anticipating every turn and it made it zip by. The greenway was GORGEOUS, along with the weather. We ran over some bridges across a creek and it felt miles and miles away from the city. So pretty.

Here’s my gear – I was the one in pink. Shocker. I left the pink compression sleeves off though – you know, so it wouldn’t be too much. Smile And my pre-race face.


Here’s the best picture Rog could snap of me finishing – after I’d already stopped. Because I sprinted through the finish like a big tool – but I had some juice left and there were a couple of chicks in front of me. So, I couldn’t help it. You know, better for my record books to come in 276th place than 278th.

photo 1

Who knows what I’m doing in these pictures. I’m all like “Oh heyyyyyyy. Hardest race ever. Cause I ran 5 minute miles the whole time. Yeah.”

photo 2photo 3

And here’s me acting more normal, back at the Flat.


Moral of the story – Richland Creek Run will be an annual tradition! So fun.

Some other sights from the weekend:

We saw this lovely outfit outside the Holiday Inn. She had on some sort of hat that looked like a cat. I mean, I’m a crazy cat lady, but this was too much.


All the other kids with the pumped up kicks…

Heading to dinner at Rachel and Nick’s.


A little Easter morning quiet time.


Rog and I spent Easter Sunday afternoon walking through Centennial Park, which we’re so fortunate to have right across the street from our place. We love it and should use it even more. It was gorgeous this day. We’re just waiting on the baby ducks to be born – it’s about that time! They are so dang cute and it’s basically the highlight of the year. Smile



Have some babies, duck!



You don’t realize how gigantic the Parthenon is until you’re next to it.


The view from the Parthenon looking across the front lawn, toward our place. Soooo pretty!


That was the weekend. This weekend I’m looking forward to doing not a whole lot. I seriously can’t believe how busy this spring has been already, so I’m savoring the quiet moments. I plan to read, get the oil changed in my car and workout a couple times. What’s your weekend look like, little nuggets?


Weekend Recap–Two a Days

Most people would agree that running is a sport – but maybe not a “game.” But if you run, you know it’s very much a game. A mental game. I’m really good at the mental game. You see, when I picture myself running, I’m really good at it. When I think “I can run 5 miles,” it seems totally doable and easy, even. 5 miles, that’s nothing.

Then I go try it – and I run three and end up walking…a lot. And cussing even more. I tell myself, “it’s mental. Suck it up.” And I just feel like barfing and like I might pass out.

So yeah, I’m really good at the mental game of running – just not while I’m actually running.

Granted, I waited to run until about 10 a.m. this morning and it was much, much warmer than I’ve run in yet this year. Gag. That first hot run of the year is always so humbling.

Cool down on the back porch, with Callie Cat.


Back it up – weekend recap.

But first, last Thursday y’all, I made homemade pizza that was AH-mazing. You must try this pizza if you like these ingredients. My friend Kim posted it, so I’ll link to her blog for the recipe, but you have GOT to try this – goat cheese, jalapeño and prosciutto pizza.

Recipe here.


Rog is out of town – he comes home tomorrow, yay! But I managed to have a lovely weekend doing whatever I wanted.

This fell out of my Kindle cover when I read last night. Aw. 🙂


Friday was my one year anniversary at my job. I am so lucky to be there and OH EM GEE I am so glad that I’m not selling insurance any longer. That was what I thought about on Friday – was just how fortunate I feel to be doing what I love and actually working in the field that I studied in and earned a degree in, all for a great company.

Anniversary flowers from the boss lady. Very, very nice and lovely. 🙂


Friday night my friend Kim and I went to a yoga class at Sanctuary Yoga in Green Hills. It was a level 1/level 2 class, which the website said any beginner with a firm understanding of the basics could complete just fine. Well, I’ve never taken a single yoga class, so I just hoped for the best. I was joking with Kim before class that I hoped my “dead pigeon” and “backwards dog” didn’t embarrass her. (P.S. those aren’t real yoga moves.)

The class ended up being “intermediate,” and I was POURING sweat before it was halfway over. Lawd. The instructor was super awesome and came around and helped me several times. Probably he was secretly taking my pulse to see if I was about to die on his watch. Overall, it was a great experience and I’d definitely do it again. I think I’d benefit from a couple of super beginner classes though. Namaste.

The best part of our yoga outing was going to eat at Pei Wei afterwards. I’ll workout for food any time.

Saturday I ran a couple of errands and then showered up and got all professional looking, because I was part of a panel of presenters at the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) regional conference at Belmont that afternoon. I was pretty honored that someone thought I was a “Young PR Pro,” which was the name of the session me and three other young geniuses led. It was really fun and we had some great discussion – talking about tips for interviewing, getting experience in PR, how to succeed in the business, etc. The students were so eager to learn from us and I even connected with a couple of the eager beavers on Twitter afterwards and hope to keep in touch.


Saturday evening I watched My Week with Marilyn. It was fine – Michelle Williams is absolutely captivating. But it really just made me so annoyed with Marilyn Monroe. The movie portrays her as such a terrible actress who was a royal pain in the rear for everyone who had to work with her. She was never on time, a lover of pills and a huge whorebag. We all knew that already, but MAN she is annoying. So, eh, it was ok – if not for Michelle Williams and her amazing acting skills, it would have sucked big time.

Today, hence the title of this post, I got up and ran a few miles (walked, too). Then I had a meeting downtown for the Jr. Chamber’s 13th Annual Ragin’ Cajun Crawfish Boil. Get yo’ tickets if you haven’t already.

Downtown was beautiful today. The weather was great (for standing around, not running).


Then, I went to BarreAmped class. Y’all – if you have not been to one of these, I highly suggest you do. My friend Jess teaches here in Nashville and I go to the studio on Music Row, but there are several locations or even similar Barre classes in your area, probably. But BarreAmped is where it’s at in Nashville. Lawd, I’ve never had such a butt kicking.

So, I’m officially ready to relax and enjoy my Sunday evening before another full week. Whew. I hope your weekend was lovely – and that you have a productive, happy week.

Since I know you can’t get enough, here are a few photos of the most beautiful fur baby ever.


Baby girl loves an open window. She had the best Saturday going in and out her “kitty door.”


The end!


Sweet Tater

This morning I had this for breakfast.


Pancake Pantry. My new favorite Friday morning activity, even more so than sleeping. Mind you, I did have 3 very sweaty Music Row miles as an appetizer, so it’s not all fun and games.

Happy Friday, little nuggets. Hope you are as delighted as I am about this fact.


Shut Up and Run for Sherry

The blogging world is amazing. Heck, I’m always in awe when someone comments on my blog from another country — “how’d they get them internet lines all the way across the pond, ya think?” Yeah — it’s like that.

Just when you think the blogging community can’t be any more amazing to me, if goes and does something like this.

Sherry Arnold, 43, a teacher and beloved wife, left her house in small town Sidney, Montana at 6:30 in the morning on January 7 and never came home. Hours later, they found one of her Brooks running shoes. They still haven’t found her body, but seven days later two men did admit to killing her.

I read the hilarious and adorable Beth’s blog over at Shut Up and Run on a regular basis. Beth happens to be Sherry’s cousin. She has organized a virtual run in Sherry’s honor for Saturday, Feb. 11 at 9 a.m. MST. That’s 10 a.m. in my neck of the woods.

You can read all about the run and Sherry’s story over at Shut Up and Run — here.  And download and print a race bib. There’s a FB page on the run, too.

I think for women particularly, this is like our worst fear. It could have been me, could have been you, could have been her…could have been anyone in the path of two sociopaths at the right time. But in the morning and half a mile from her house — where she felt safest, no doubt? Stop the madness, world.

I’ll be running a 5K with my Sherry bib on next weekend, praying for 3.1 miles that her family can bring her home — and being thankful for all the mornings that I was blessed enough to get out of bed and use my God-given ability to run, then return home safely. Because life is short, and you just never know.


Never Trust a Weatherman

There was a break on the radar tonight – about 30 minutes where it wasn’t supposed to rain at all, after rain all day and continued rain late tonight. As soon as I saw it letting up, I took off out the door already running.

I just wanted to get a couple quick miles in so I wouldn’t regret the half of a cupcake I ate today.

The first part of the run was great. Light sprinkles – just enough to make you feel hardcore for running in the rain. However, the last mile it came a torrential downpour with a serious headwind. Lovely. I couldn’t even see and was tasting mascara.

I passed students on Vandy’s campus who looked at me like I was crazy.

One guy said “ma’am – do you need a ride?” I just glared at him and kept running – since he was on foot and all, I’m not sure how that was supposed to be helpful. And don’t call me ma’am, you little turd. I was in college not that long ago once.



Someone asked me the other day if I do my runs in the winter on a treadmill. NO. Heck no. I loathe the dreadmill. I did all my training for those half marathons in the snow, in the rain, in the 100 degree temps.

I literally cannot run on a treadmill. I can’t balance on them and I fall off. Reason number 1,023,345 why I don’t have a gym membership – right behind reason 1,023,344, which is sweaty, grunting men.


I Just Want to Pound the Pavement

Is that so much to ask?

After being sick as a dog with this terrible winter cold for the past 10 days and not exercising AT ALL, I finally ran the past two days in a row. And it.was.glorious. It felt so good to sweat again. And from something other than eating too many Christmas cookies in a row.


I recently got some new SuperFeet insoles.


I’ve been using these since I started training for my first half marathon almost two years ago. I had never even really heard of or considered insoles – but basically all the cool people at Fleet Feet were doing it, so I signed up for the extra $45 expense as well. When in Rome.

They help stabilize your foot in your shoe and provide more support, therefore aligning everything all the way up to your hip and so on as you run. Although I have a pretty normal arch and stride and don’t really need them, I’ve been wearing them because I was told it can’t hurt.

But when I got my new shoes over Thanksgiving and didn’t have my inserts with me, I did a few runs without them. They felt fine – great even. And then I got my inserts back and with the first run in them my shins hurt and knee was sore. I wore them again, and the same thing.

So I removed them today and ran without them – and it felt good. What the heck, SuperFeet? Should I have been running without these things for the past 2 years? Why is running so confusing? I just want to run – not solve world peace. This should be easier.

I sincerely wish I could just go out and SkinnyRunner every run I ever attempt – but it’s always such a mental and physical battle. It’s a love/hate relationship. 🙂

Any thoughts on inserts from you runner types out there?


Tom Cruise – Use Your Witchcraft to Get the Fire Off Me

Oh the heat wave. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but DANG the heat wave is about to kill me. I seriously think that I may just burst into flames sometimes – and not even when I’m running, but just when I’m conducting normal everyday activities like WALKING TO MY CAR.

Seriously – give it up, mother nature. I’m so ready for fall, which I am pretty sure will be non-existent and we’ll go straight to a frozen tundra. Just because, mother nature seems to have some sort of vendetta against us all, as of recent years.

I ran 2.5 miles yesterday. I was going to do 3, but 2.5 was the breaking point. I immediately sat down on a park bench to take off my knee brace (that thing adds about 20 degrees to my body temp, I’m sure of it), and someone asked me if I was ok. I was like “Yeah – I’m fine – why?” “Just checking.” When I got home and looked in the mirror, his concern for me became clearer, since I looked something like this.

photo credit

This morning when I woke up, it felt like I’d smoked 2 packs of cigarettes. I’m not even kidding. My chest was so heavy, my voice was raspy and I felt like my lungs had water in them (or were lined with ash). I run around West End normally, so I know the car exhaust is not friendly. But yesterday I made a conscious effort to avoid it as much as possible, and ran through Vandy’s campus and through Centennial Park – but the pollutants and haze must just be hanging at mouth-level, EVERYWHERE. Ugh.

Ah well – 2.5 miles in this heat is a victory. I waited until 7ish, and it was still 96 degrees and felt like well over 100 with sweltering humidity. Gag. I mean, I am by nature a sweaty, hot person. Even in the winter, I’m all about some cardigans or light sweaters that I can peel off and put back on throughout the day as needed. I love big, cozy sweaters but can only wear them if I’m sitting outside all day. So this is really about to kill me.

This afternoon we’re supposed to get a rain shower or thunderstorm that might bring the temp to 78. I think I’ll throw on a goose-down parka and go soak up the frigid temps.


I’ll Take One of Everything

Whoever said running was an inexpensive sport, lied. Or maybe for some of you, it is.

I could probably actually be competitive if I didn’t load myself down with one of everything from the running store.

I kid, I kid. Sort of.

But in all reality, over the past 1.5 years or so, I have accumulated quite a bit of running crap and thought I’d share with you my favorite stuff.

Let’s start at the top and work our way down, shall we?


I snagged a couple of Bondi Bands at the Women’s Half Marathon expo last September, and really like them. Sometimes I do feel a bit like Bret Michaels, because they are wider than some headbands…


…but for the most part, they really work. They don’t move around a lot and do a fab job of keeping the sweat out of my eyes, which is a full-time job for any of my headbands. Plus, they say cutesy things like “I Run like a Girl,” or “Run” in rhinestones. I like my flair.

Me in my Bondi Band…eating yogurt. Everything in moderation. Even moderation.


If it’s super sunny out, I’ll wear my Nike Daybreak hat that I scored at Fleet Feet. It keeps the sun directly out of my eyeballs (since I don’t wear sunglasses to run) and also keeps the sweat from pouring in my eyes. AND, it is so light and doesn’t get all heavy on my head when I fill it with sweat.


Wear it, at least on your face, when you run. Summer or winter. Period.


My absolute favorite top is this Champion Seamless Babydoll tank. It has great boob support – a must – and is long. I like the longer tops that don’t hug my muffin top. You can fetch these at Target (if they aren’t sold out, because they go quick) for $19.99 – or online for sale, right now!

Here is me in the girliest running digs ever. Here’s the babydoll tank, the hat I wrote about above, some Nike Tempos, the CEP sleeves (I write about these below), my Brooks Ravennas and the trusty knee brace. Wow. GEAR UP. Party down. At least if someone runs over me, they couldn’t claim they never saw me coming.


I recently wrote about my new favorite long-sleeved top that I practically stole from Costco. What a deal. I seriously should go get another one.


But I also really love shopping for these long sleeve tops at TJMaxx and Marshalls. For real. I have several Asics and New Balance zip up, moisture wicking tops that I got for like $16 there. I prefer the zip-up ones usually, so I can strip them off as I run since I’m as hot-natured as they come. I sweat in 18 degree weather if I’m running.


Alright, let’s get personal blog buddies. If I am wearing a top that has some extra built-in support, I usually go with any ol’ sports bra that’s comfy. The double-coverage works fine. However, if my top is a loose, shell-top of some kind that doesn’t support, then I want a supa good bra.

Just within the past couple of months I went to Fleet Feet here in Nashville and they fitted me for the best sports bra for me. It was awesome. And so is this baby. I present to you, the Moving Comfort Grace Sports Bra.


Photo credit (since this is not me…well, they clearly cropped her head onto my body, since those are my abs. Rude.)

This thing gets the job done and keeps everyone right where they are supposed to be. And it zips in the front – so no more upside down, arms pinned up by your ears, SOMEONE GET ME THE EFF OUT OF THIS  THING wrestling matches with your bra.


In the summer, it’s always, without a doubt, my Nike Tempos. They are moisture-wicking, comfy and don’t give the ever-popular frontal wedgie when you run. I wear smalls in these, but also have a pair of mediums that I roll down and they work fine, also.  I have a drawer full by now and look for them on sale every chance I get. These things are pricey (particularly at Dick’s Sporting Goods or the like), so if you can find them on sale at your fave running store or the Nike outlet, GET ‘EM.

In the winter it’s Champion tights that I found at Target.  I can’t find the dang things online – but just peruse your local Target. Their Champion C9 gear is fabulous, and a great deal.

Capris – they even have a little zipper pocket there on the hip, big enough to fit a GU packet. Convenient. Sweet stance, by the way.


The pants. Quite warm on a wintry run.



Good socks are a must for running. They prevent blisters, wick sweat off your pups. They are REQUIRED. These Balgas are my favorite. Although they are pricey, they last a long-time. Just buy a couple pairs and wash them regularly. You can even just rinse them in the sink if you’re running the very next day – they dry out super fast.


I’ll tell you what shoes I wear, but if you take one thing away from this – it’s GO GET FITTED FOR SHOES! If you’re even training for a 5k and plan to run leisurely on a regular basis, shoes are an investment that can help prevent injuries and just keep you comfortable in general. Everybody runs differently – pronating, supinating, running flat footed, hitting on your heels, hitting on the balls of your feet, etc. There are lots of options. For every option, there is a shoe that works better than another. So while those pink and purple Nikes at the Academy Sports may be cute, they may be detrimental to your training. I got fitted at Fleet Feet, the mother ship. But there are lots of places that will fit you – ask around for what’s close by. I got fitted for Brooks Ravennas. Once you know what you wear, you can buy them anywhere. Like online for a deep discount. (Sorry FF).

Mmmmm….new shoe smell.


Other Misc. Accessories:

Are you bored yet? Hope not. There’s still tons of fun.

I would never run without my trusty Garmin. One time on a 5 mile training run I did forget it and almost went back home. Ha. It’s one of those things that you wonder how you ever lived without, once you have it. I love to know how fast I’m going and how far I’ve gone/got to go. I luuuuuurve it!


You can read my post here about Compression Sleeves. They have been a God-send since May when I considered hating running full-time. They cured me! I run in them (some people just use them to recover) and wear them for about 20 minutes or so after a run to cool-down. People say “but what do they do?” Well heck, I don’t know – but I know I can run without hating my life if I’m wearing them. I don’t care if there are a billion tiny fairies in there massaging my shins as I run – it works!

During training for my first half marathon in Spring of 2010 I became BFFs with a physical therapist and changed my running style to fix a foot injury. This caused a knee injury – fun! Wearing a cheapo knee brace (pictured above) from Dick’s Sporting Goods seems to help. I notice if I run without it, my knee gets all watery feeling and it’s just not worth it. I should do regular strengthening exercises that could hopefully strengthen and cure my knee, but I am not diligent about them.

Lastly – nutrition! These are my favorite things to snack on before or during a run.

(Pictured below). Clif blocks, GU Chomps and those Luna Moons (my favorite) are good before a run – like 15 minutes before. They are chock full of carbs and sugar to get your energy up. I know people who love them (Josh Wade) DURING a run, but I can’t seem to get them down when I’m gasping for breath. Let’s just say during a half marathon I had to eat some Chomps twice….fun.

The Clif bars I love about 45 minutes before a run – for breakfast before an early run, especially. Again, full of carbs and energy. The GU gels are my go-to during runs. If I’m running more than six miles, I take one of these. During a half marathon I will do one at mile 6ish and at mile 10ish when I’m having a sugar crash. (Side note – during the Women’s Half my blood sugar bottomed out, and I don’t have a blood sugar problem, so badly my teeth were chattering. GU and a sip of Gatorade fixed me right up.)


That’s all folks. Well – all I’m willing to reveal to you without sounding like a total running nutbag who has entirely too much crap in her arsenal to be running a measly two miles a day, as of late.

I hope you find one or ten things here that you too, can love!