Official Nashville Hipsters

Hipsters — such an overused word. But still, as I approach my mid-thirties (gulp), I think I aspire to be one. #noshame

Since moving to the Nations, Justin and I have totally embraced being city mice — riding our bicycles as much as possible. Blazing new greenways. Tying the bikes up at the local watering hole, having a craft beer and cruising home. This weekend and its phenomenal weather set the scene just perfectly for another Nashville Hipster weekend. Bring your beard.

Friday night when Justin got home around 5 or 5:30, we tore straight out the door for the 12 South neighborhood. We had a Nashville Originals gift card from my amazing realtor, Frank J. Miles, and it was burning a hole in our pockets! We started with Happy Hour at Bartaco (best margarita in town – no joke) and then headed to Urban Grub for dinner.

Urban Grub. We sat right there by the fireplace. It was perfection.

Y’all — that dinner. We hadn’t been to Urban Grub! It’s rare to find a place that neither of us have been, so this was a treat. They fly their seafood and Oysters in FRESH, like that day, and dry age and butcher their meat in house. Justin had the most massive NY Strip I’ve ever seen. The menu says it’s 16 oz, but I’m not sure how that is possible. It appeared to be about 55 oz if I had to guess. I had the Lobster Casarecce (pasta), add truffle oil. YEP. Oh yeah, and throw in some grits with house-made bacon on top as our side. If you haven’t been to Urban Grub, I highly, highly recommend it. Just wear your stretchy pants and go for it.

Saturday morning, after sleeping off our food coma, we hopped on our bikes about 10 a.m. Justin needed a haircut — so first stop was Scout’s Barbershop in Sylvan Park, which is about 2 miles away. This place is dreamy, y’all. Justin got an old fashioned barbershop trim and a rinse for $15. YEP.


Scout’s Barbershop



Next up we cruised over to McCabe Pub right as they opened the doors for a quick lunch. McCabe’s is a staple in Sylvan Park and oh so good. I had the Chef Salad – Justin had the spicy chicken sandwich.


McCabe Pub

My main priority this day was to get new tires on my bike. They were worn down (I purchased this baby off Craigslist about 4 years ago but it’s mostly been sitting in storage. Still, the tires were ready for a change. I’d already had one flat tube). ALSO, because I own a cougar cub masquerading as a kitten, my handlebar tape looks like this. WHAT did that tape ever do to you, Fiona!? I can’t be driving around looking like that.


Fiona strikes again

So we left McCabe’s and headed to West End (a short 3-4 miles) to Cumberland Transit. I used to live almost right above Cumberland Transit and these guys are a staple in the Nashville outdoor arena. Fishing, biking, running, camping…they’ve got everything you need.

The guy was like “WOW…dog?” No, cat. He was impressed.

He was like “well, let’s pick out some tape — we have lots of colors.” I said “eh, probably just white again. The bike is orange so I’m not sure anything else will look good.” He said “well, you haven’t seen all the colors we have.” Boy was he right…SEAFOAM!! Seafoam and orange obviously go together.



While we waited on the bike (which really needs a name, I think), we went next door to Three Brothers Coffee. This really upped our hipster status. I mean, while we were sipping our lattes a guy came in chewing on a deer antler. Just, you know, chewing on a deer antler like it was a piece of hay or something. I think those are for dogs, but whatever dude. Maybe I should get a deer antler…


Three Brothers Coffee

Most weekends we head South and see the McCombs family — Justin usually gets involved in some sort of brief manual labor with his Dad. This weekend was moving the grill, which we promptly broke in on the new deck.


Sunday we finally went back to Crosspoint! We love Crosspoint Church so much. Now that wedding and moving craziness is behind us we can’t wait to get more involved and regular.

After some errands and a workout at Planet Fitness, we’d earned dinner  — so we hopped on the bikes and headed to the other side of the neighborhood for 51st Kitchen and Bar. Y’all. I love this place so much. And this Sunday was particularly special. They were having a neighborhood picnic/pop-up dinner with a guest chef and for $35/head it was all-you-can-eat gourmet picnic food. Like, the best mac n’ cheese I may have ever had. Grilled chicken wings with chimichurri. Homemade slaw with shrimp. I mean, it just went on and on. Delicious. Oh and $5 craft cocktails. YEP!



51st Kitchen – Blood Orange Mule and a Malbec


All you can eat? Yes please.

We finished the weekend on our back porch with the babies. Right where we should be. They cannot get enough of the back porch and watching the birds and eating bugs (OK, mostly Fiona. Dixie prefers eating mulch). We are loving life and loving Nashville so much. Don’t even deserve this beautiful life — but thanking God for every moment we get it.


Our backyard oasis




Beach Me

The beach trip with the family was ah-mazing. A whole week of togetherness, relaxation, fun and good times. And we didn’t even get tired of each other – I don’t think. 🙂

We stayed in a house in Miramar Beach (just east of Destin and before Sandestin). It’s in a neighborhood called Frangista Beach. We used to drive by it when Josh and I were little and we’d stare at the big houses and think “that must be where the rich people stay.” Ha. While we are certainly not, our foursome was a sixsome this trip and we needed more room! The “Happy Go Lucky” was perfect and I want to live there forever.


There were porches for sitting and catching up and drinking coffee and I miss the “Happy Go Lucky” house already.


Here is a photo overload for you – and all of my iPhone photos can be seen here:


My sweet parents – about to smooch.


We celebrated my birthday a little early while we were all together. Donut Hole doughnuts – way better than cake!



We had my birthday dinner in Baytowne Wharf at Acme Oyster House.


And topped it with a Fat Tuesday daiquiri.


Dewey Destin – so tiny and such a great hole in the wall dive seafood joint. We watched a mama dolphin and baby dolphin frolic after dinner.


Check out the rain wall moving in. So cool.



Our view when we stepped on the boardwalk to head down to the beach. I miss it!


And some courtesy of my awesome photog sis-in-law. 🙂
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Rinsing the sand off or doing the “Stanky Leg” – who knows.

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I’ve been doing that for years – apparently.


My supermodel brother and sister-in-law.

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Me and my main squeeze – and my birthday dress from my Mom and Dad! Mom had some help from her personal shopper, Ashley. 🙂

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My little familia.

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And then we had a thirsty Thursday. Things happened – like this.


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232323232%7Ffp733(7)nu=(5(9)344)25 )WSNRCG=3535 4;54534;nu0mrj232323232%7Ffp7345;)nu=(5(9)344)25 )WSNRCG=3535 57;4234;nu0mrj

I had to go undercover for a while.

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I love this brother of mine.

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We may not be right, but they’re my family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


Can’t wait for the next Wade beach vacay! Family is a blessing –and it’s even a bigger blessing when you actually enjoy being around them. Mine is the best. Truth.


I’m Beached

I’ve been at the beach all week, so you’ll have to forgive the lack of blogging. Here are a few little tid bits to hold you over until I return and give you the full recap.

My Dad and Brother did a Half Ironman Triathlon before I got down here to the beach. They are basically amazing and I’m in awe of their dedication. They put the rest of us Wades to shame and we just ride their fitness coattails. You can read my Dad’s recap here and see some sexy photos of them in their wetsuits. Yes – my Dad is a blogger too!

Photo recaps of beach fun: (all of these courtesy of my amazing photog sis-in-law, Ashley Wade Photography):






See ya back on the mainland.


Georgia on my Mind

I’m visiting my grandparents for the first time in a long, long time. Shameful, I know. But we are all having the best time and time seems to have stood still here. Although the farm seems smaller and we’ve all gotten older, the cows are still mooing and the fish are still biting. It is pretty amazing and feels like sunshine and memories.

Today went something like this. Lots more photos to come.


Bright City Lights

We made it back to the big city from the most amazing Destin beach vacation. The 7 hour drive was depressing and I didn’t want to leave.

I’m going to sulk now and will be back with some beachy photos soon.

I’m being a little dramatic – it’s good to be home, actually, and we feel super lucky to have jobs that allow us vacation time and the means by which to take a vacation and enjoy it. I just really could have used about 2-3 more days. 🙂

See happiness below.

(I had a bathing suit on, I swear.)



The Weather is Here.

Wish you were beautiful.






Although we’ve spotted nearly 10 sharks (anywhere from 3ish feet to as big as I am), we’re loving the beach. The water is so warm and as you can see above, as calm as a lake – so the marine life has been super close to shore and easy to spot as they cruise around. Wild.

Beach Jenn

Chuck Norris Never did a Triathlon

This weekend I went to Kingston, TN for a very important event. My brother was officially becoming an Olympic Distance Triathlete. AMAZEBALLS.

He’d done two sprint distance Triathlons but this would be a whole new ballgame, particularly since the swim was not in a pool, but in beautiful Watts Bar Lake.

It was SUCH a great organized event, right in our little hometown – the Storm the Fort Triathlon. The Southwest Point fort in Kingston is apparently the only fort in the U.S. built on its original foundation. Learn something new every day.

So, olympic distance is a 1 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride, 6.2 mile (10K) run. Ugh, I’m tired just typing it.

But Josh rocked it. I can’t believe the shape he’s in and am in total awe of his athletic ability. He’s always been an athlete, but dang – he’s a beast. And when I think about how he just started running a little more than a year ago, picking up biking and swimming in the past 6 or so months, it’s even more impressive.

He thinks he finished somewhere between 30 and 40th of about 200.

Here’s your photo recap.

I decided I may be a better spectator than competitor. Or maybe spectating is a competitive sport with signs like these.




This one was a big hit.


Getting warmed up? Not so much. His little teeth were chattering, waiting on the “gun.” They actually used a cannon from Fort Southwest Point to start the race. We are so cool and historic in Kingston.


I wonder if the out-of-towners know how much fly ash they ingested thanks to TVA. Thank you, come again.


Coming out of the lake toward the front of the pack!




I see a violation here. But not the kind race officials were looking for. Ouch, blue.


My cute Daddy.


Starting his run! He got the worst side stich he said he’s ever had, or else the whole thing would have been “easy.” Little turd.


Standing at the finish line overlooking Watts Bar Lake. Is there anywhere prettier than Kingston? Maybe not.


Me and my Momma.


Not a bad view for the last half mile, but the hill was brutal. I ran it today so I could empathize, and I had to walk at the top of it. If I had to do it after swimming a mile, biking 25 and running 5.5, I would have probably just jumped in the lake and piled rocks on my head.


Loved this Daddy finishing with his little boy.


Here comes Wade!! Finishing with a smile on his face.


He looks relieved, no?


Yeah! I love you buddy. You really are my hero.



>I'm Having Cake for Breakfast!

>I apologize in advance for the lengthy post…but this is some good stuff.

This past weekend I had to be in Asheville, NC on Sunday evening for a work function, and all day Monday. The family, Rog and I took the opportunity to head over early and spend a weekend together. Amazingly good time had by all, I must say.

I have a love affair with Asheville – this you already know. So any excuse to go there is good enough for me.

Rog works in a studio there from time to time, and the studio owns a great house in the Bed and Breakfast district about a mile from downtown – so the whole famdamily shacked up there and had some good quality time together.

Let’s relive the fun, shall we?

We arrived Friday just after 5, and promptly headed to Cyndy’s favorite Asheville dining establishment, The Lobster Trap. The Lobster Mac and Cheese – delish.

After dinner, we toured around downtown. Among our stops were the General Store and an antique store.
The General Store with the Village Idiots.

Then, as I’d expect nothing less from Asheville, we stumbled upon a drum circle. Apparently, this happens in a little public park in downtown every Friday night. Folks gather with their drums (or buckets and sticks) and just drum. People dance, and non-locals such as my Dad look on…confused…astounded.
During my work function on Sunday evening a County Commissioner was at my table. He brought up the drum circle and added that it was very ‘odd,’ but happens every Friday. Even some locals are confused by Asheville’s weirdness – but I find it endearing 🙂

As one might expect when staying in a house that has a regular rotation of musicians each week, we found interesting ways to entertain ourselves after our jaunt about town. Josh and I both took up the violin, that we found just stashed in a corner.

Josh has a bit more Charlie Daniels in him (wait…that’s the fiddle…) than I do. Mine sounded like a dying cat.
Rog just found it all humorous.
Ashley and I discovered this mask. Oddly enough, we walked by it several times before we noticed it. Meaning, it fit right in.

On Saturday, we had a lovely Southern breakfast at Mayfels, a cajun inspired cafe downtown. Then Rog headed into the studio and the rest of us went to tour the Grove Park Inn. Having done some work there and been given the grand tour of the place, and full history lesson by the director of sales, I passed my knowledge along to the fam. Once as I said, “And this is the main inn elevator – it is the original elevator from when the Inn was first built, before the two additional wings were added on. It’s still manually operated by an elevator operator, today,” — a couple stopped to listen to me and then began snapping pictures of this elevator. They thought I was a tour guide. And well, I am. “Next – here is a really old piece of furniture…”

Mayfel’s for breakfast. Yum…
Awkward solo picture. If you make us wait for a table, we WILL have a photo shoot.
The Wades.
In the fireplace at the Grove Park Inn with the parents.
Foggy view of downtown from the GPI.
View of the Main Inn from the Spa level.
Mom and Dad. Aw 🙂
And then we visited Rog at the studio. Ashley wanted to touch all the “slidey things.” A girl after my own heart. I love the slidey things!

Following our fun morning, we went back to the house to get our game faces on. Why? Because it was time for the Wade/Masson takeover of the “Hot August Nights 5K.” When we started planning the trip, Ashley looked for 5K races that weekend nearby. Well, we lucked out – there was a 5K running through the Bed and Breakfast neighborhood that we were staying in. The race went by just feet from the house! So we signed up and off we went.

Let me tell ya – this race was a little low-budget, but AWESOME. You gotta love a small town road race. First, the roads were not closed. But this was no problem since it was quite the sleepy little neighborhood. There still was the occasional car zipping by you. Second – there were about 152 people running in the race. I run with more ladies than that on some Saturday mornings in my Fleet Feet group. For serious. And lastly, we lined up at the start, and Ashley and I were giggling and carrying on, waiting on the start, and all of the sudden we hear “READY…..GO!!” And everyone took off. Seriously – someone just yelled “ready go!” The first .25 mile was STRAIGHT up hill and we dang near busted a gut because we were giggling so hard at the race start. And then, a lady with a buzz cut and a rat tail passed us and I nearly just rolled into the ditch and called it a day. I was so gassed at the top of that first hill from laughing hysterically.

I also said I was NOT going to bust a gut on this race, having just run my 9 mile training run on Thursday evening. I said I was going to do a nice, easy 10 min/mile pace. I crossed the first mile and the lady said “9.20
!” I cursed out loud.

But alas, we finished and everyone did great. It was SUCH a fun race. Hilly, but fun.

Getting psyched up at the studio house.
My sista.
My Wade boys.
I’m with the special kids. Please click on this picture and make it bigger so you can really appreciate it.
I said I was going to run with my camera and take lots of pictures. Well, I was concentrating so hard on not passing out, that this is the only one I took of Rog and I. Nice.
Here come Dad and Josh on the turn! Josh gives this race two thumbs up.
Post-race. We look wonderful.
My man! My running buddy.
So, funny story. I said “here Mom, take a picture of the award winning father daughter team.” So she takes my camera and we pose, and I can’t figure out why she isn’t taking the picture. Dad also has his mouth full of oatmeal cookie. Then I realize that Mom has the camera upside down – hence the reason the button is not where she expects it to be. I say “Mom…it’s upside down.” Dad gets tickled, still has oatmeal cookie in his mouth. And when she corrects it and takes the picture, this is the state we were in. Me looking at Dad, waiting for cookie to spew, and Dad trying not to choke.
Hilarity ensues. These are my favorite pictures from the weekend. I think she planned it…
Joshy won 3rd in his age group! He got a medal! 🙂 We were very proud. “ready….GO!”
Here are some photos of us speed racers that were in the Asheville Citizen Times the next day.

Dad and Josh – I mean…look at this hill.

Josh – game face.
Me, always ready to ham it up for the camera, but clearly I’m totally sucking wind. And apparently we thought we had to run in order of registration number…
Sunday the Wades went home (tear) and Rog and I packed up and headed over to the Biltmore Inn where we’d spend Sunday night for my work event. (Not too shabby. It’s no Hampton Inn, but I’ll take it.)

First, we stopped by Green Life grocery store for a little salad bar. I felt like I needed some vitamins after not eating quite so healthy all weekend. I mean, hence the title of this post, I DID have cake for breakfast. But that’s what weekend getaways are for.
We checked into the room – and checked out the view. Wow.

Then we headed to happy hour. I will not tell you how much these glasses of wine cost us, for fear you may have heart failure as we nearly did. House wine at the Biltmore = Biltmore Reserve. I’ll stick to beer from now on…
Aren’t we just precious.
Hands down, best breakfast buffet ever. I mean, there was cheese on everything – my kind of food! Cheesy eggs, cheese grits (Mom and Aunt B, yours are way better than the Biltmore’s, by the way), cheese blintz (my fave). I threw a little fruit on my plate to mix it up. But if there had been shredded cheese sitting around, I’d have thrown some of that on top of it.
View from breakfast – I wish my butt was in one of those Adirondack chairs right now!
And after a long productive day, we headed home to the Callie girl.

I love you, Asheville! Until next time, hippie friends.


>Happy Birthday, to my Daddy!

>Today is my Dad’s birthday. He’s timeless, so I won’t tell you how many years young he is because it’s irrelevant.

I’m a Daddy’s girl – he’s my main man – the best Christian man I know and the most understanding, caring and inspirational male influence in my life. He’s the yard-stick by which I measure all men. (Aw hell…guess this means I’m going to die a crazy, single, old cat lady…) Kidding…mostly.

He taught me my love for running, and I think about him everytime I do it. He taught me my love for the outdoors, and I think about him everytime I camp or am anywhere near a stream or lake. He, Josh and I used to sleep three deep in a two person tent when Josh and I were little at Frozen Head State Park. Dad and his little bugs in a rug.

Dad and I went hiking there, just me and him, last March – when my world was sort of unraveling around me. I wanted to go there to talk to him about things – but we ended up hiking all afternoon and didn’t talk about it at all – cause we didn’t have to. I just needed to be near him and embrace the memory of better days and simpler times, so that’s exactly what we did. Just hiked and shot the breeze.

He’s my main man – always will be. Always knows what to say without even saying it.

Here I am singing Happy Birthday to Dad, once upon a time. Check out those shorts.
And here is the happy couple on my first birthday. Dad is about 16 here, I think. (Kidding…but he sure looks youthful!)
Hiking last March at Frozen Head.

Twinks. Look at our orange shirts and crossed feet. We did not plan the matching pose, promise.

There to cheer me on at my first Half!

And 2nd place father/daughter team in the Knox Expo.

Many more memories to come with the old man!

>She Sells Seashells

>Rog and I just returned from a lovely little trip to Destin, and I did NOT want to return to the real world.

The weather was perfect and we had the best seafood…yeah, I didn’t want to come back.

We’d been there all of 15 minutes at this point.
YUM – the Old Bay Steamer.

Out at Baytowne Wharf.

Waiting on dinner at the Crab Trap.

The Crab Trap.

The jetty – so pretty.

Doesn’t get much prettier than this water.

Pompano Joe’s.

Self-portrait … fail.

Whipping up on Rog during some putt putt.

Ready to go back!!