‘Merica — TCB

Happy 4th of July!

Hey y’all. Sorry for the hiatus, but lawd, I’ve been TCB! Taking care of business. You may have gathered from my previous couple of posts that I FINALLY sold my dang townhouse. It sold three years to the day that I put it on the market and I couldn’t be more relieved. It was weighing on me like I didn’t even realize, until it was gone. But all that to say, I hope to be back on the regular blogging scene now that I have my head back in a good, normal space!

In the meantime, let’s do a photo recap of what else has been going on.

I went to Kingston and watched two of my favorite Wade men do a triathlon. They basically kicked tail.

178957_375362782520692_1711799037_n196202_375364175853886_1471133498_n538073_375358895854414_1307886438_njenn and josh

Mom and Dad visited Nashville for Father’s Day. We had a joint Mother’s Day/Father’s Day outing to Arrington Vineyards and had a picnic. It was so fun and they both really enjoyed it. Of course, there was wine.




We had dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill and lunch at Germantown Café the next day.


Mom has always wanted to tour the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home, so we did. It was really interesting and I loved the self-guided tour with headphones. You just punched in a code from a sign based on what you were looking at. I thought that was nicer than some period-costumed lady walking you around the entire time.


Kim took me down to the Farmer’s Market to try Bella Nashville’s pizza. OMG. It’s like Bella Napoli, and its ah-mazing. I die. I think about it daily.


I went to the courthouse one morning and TCB’d. Isn’t Nashville beautiful from the park?


The month of June I worked out 4-5 days a week at FIT Nashville’s bootcamp at Centennial. It was beautiful and we never got rained out. Thanks, drought! Fabulous way to watch the sun come up and start my day!


And in case you haven’t heard yet – I sold my townhouse! Ha.
So empty!


If you need a realtor, call that guy on the sign. Frank J will TCB.

Then, I celebrated the move.


And celebrated the sale. A lot of celebrating.


Rog took us to J Alexander’s for dinner. All I wanted was mac and cheese (it’s to die for), but had some steak tacos too. He had the steak.


In other news, I’m still obsessed with our McKay’s bookstore. I love it. Here are some of the latest finds.


Are you bored with the randomness of this post yet? Hope not – because here’s an update on my hair! 🙂 It’s getting looong, and I love my bangs longer, now. I can curl them back a little and keep the little turds out of my face.


Last Saturday Rog and I got all dressed up and went to Junior Chamber gala. It was so fun. We topped it off with a trip downtown to Robert’s Western World and then acted refined and had a nightcap at the Patterson House.

My handsome date.


Phi Mu ladies!


Mal pal.


Two of my favorite Nashville friends – Rach and Linds.


And two of my new friends thanks to NJC – Elisabeth and Evelina. I don’t befriend ugly people, clearly. 🙂


Lastly – I ate half a sticker off my apple yesterday. That was awesome. Then, I checked my mortgage account and saw my outstanding balance. YES sir! Ha. Ok, I’ll quit talking about it, I swear.


And, I finished this book today and HOLY moly. It scared the poop out of me! And had so many twists and turns. It would make a fabulous movie. But OMG – y’all. Read this book. I read it in three days and had nightmares. Ha.


How’s that for a random brain dump? Now that we’re all caught up, I’ll try to keep it that way.



Training Gets Personal — with Kathy Mead

Recently an email hit my inbox from Kathy Mead who lives here in Nashville and is venturing into the world of personal training after almost 15 years of being a group exercise instructor. Kathy and I have mutual friends (the Pancake Girls that I run with every Friday morning), but haven’t ever met. This was perfect — because Kathy wanted to hone her personal training style with a few guinea pig clients that she knew nothing about.

I love being a guinea pig!

First, Kathy and I had a phone conversation about my workout history, likes and dislikes. We talked about running, my injuries (stupid ol’ knee), my recent love for boot camp and BarreAmped classes, etc. She asked me what my goals would be if I were to work with a personal trainer on the regular, and I told her that I’d love to just continue to tone up — lengthen and strengthen, people. So that’s what we worked on.

Soon after, Kathy and I scheduled two personal training sessions. Again, her goal was to practice working with brand new clients and putting together fun, effective, hour-long personal training sessions that aligned with the individual’s goals and fitness level. She also wanted to get familiar wtih her new studio location and all it has to offer.

I met her bright and early at 6 a.m. at the studio she’ll be working out of — which was amazeballs. It’s so convenient to me, and anyone in the downtown area. It’s in Hillsboro Village on Wedgewood Ave. in one of those beautiful old houses that you always wish your office would relocate to. 🙂

The entire upstairs, with a separate entrance in the back, are small fitness studios outfitted with tons of equipment for whatever your exercising heart desires. It’s called The Studio of Muscle Integration, run by Kandice King. Go to the website and read about Kandice too — she kicks major butt.

My hour-long session with Kathy went something like this. 5 minute warm up on the treadmill to get the blood pumping. Then, three sets of a circuit that involved two strength exercises and one cardio exercise. We used the exercise ball, exercise bands, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells and more. I’m telling you, they have a little bit of everything to keep it interesting. After working hard for 50 minutes or so, we cooled down and stretched. And I was a puddle on the floor.

So, for example, we’d do a set of wall squats using the exercise ball, some tricep and oblique (I’m so workout term savvy, as you can see) exercise using a band, and then a set of burpees for cardio. Then we’d repeat that at least one more time. Then she’d introduce another “circuit” of three new things. It was awesome and I was pouring sweat.

OMG the TRX. Do you all know what this thing is? I’d never used one, but had seen it. Here’s an example of a push up using TRX. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4fUS7yITAw. I fully expected for an elbow to give out and for me to get tangled up so badly that I’d have to be cut out of it with scissors, but it was great. Total body workout because you’re balancing and engaging your core the whole time. Don’t think me weird if I install one of these at the Flat, soon. 🙂 Here’s another one we did — TRX Side Plank. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ezC5UNcyyg&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL4D2D34FEAE5E9A05

I’ll have to be honest — personal training has always seemed intimidating to me. I’ve never done it before, but the thought of someone staring at me and only me while I workout is daunting. But not so with Kathy — she is so likeable, personable and makes you feel comfortable right from the beginning. We chatted (as much as I could while gasping for breath) about random stuff like books, exercise, travel, cocktails! and such. It was like working out with a friend — if that friend just watched you sweat and told you what do to next.

It was SO nice to have someone who knows what they’re doing to be sure your form is right and to be sure that you aren’t about to blow a knee out because you can’t properly do a lunge. That was so cool — because that’s how so many inuries happen. Kathy was great at adjusting the workout up or down as I needed.

Perfect example: on the day of our second session I had run out of peanut butter. (Huh? Yes.) If I workout in the morning I eat one spoonful of peanut butter and that’s enough to give me some protein so I don’t pass out, yet it’s light enough so I don’t puke it up. I know, lovely.

I didn’t have any PB the morning of our second session, so I crammed some dried fruit bites in my mouth and headed out the door. About halfway through our workout I was doing a simple strength exercise and was watching myself in the mirror and saw all the color drain from my face. Then I thought I was going to barf. Then I thought I was going to…well, nevermind. I had to stop, lay down, started POURING sweat and my ears were ringing. I went in the bathroom to splash water on my face and to consider what it would be like if Kathy had to break the door down to pull my face out of the toilet after I fell into it. Finally, I settled down. It was terrible.

I was so embarrassed and felt so wimpy! Kathy was totally cool of course and was like “let’s stretch.” So we did about 20 minutes of really good stretching to finish the workout. Poor Kathy.

If you are interested in personal training in Nashville, give Kathy a call, please. She is so kick ass and you will love her for kicking yours.

Bio and Contact Information for Kathy Mead:
Kathy Mead has a B.S. from Vanderbilt University in Human and Organizational Development and Psychology and a M.S. from MTSU in Exercise Science. She has been a certified group exercise instructor for almost 15 years and interned with MTSU’s strength and conditioning department as a graduate student.
She’s worked as an Exercise Coach since 2004 (also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Specialist since 2004) and is a VERY amateur bike racer.
She is absolutely committed to exercise and fitness as a way of life and has worked with a myriad of populations including: pre/post-natal, bariatric surgery patients pre and post-op, post-physical therapy patients, athletes, and just the everyday “Joe” or “Sue” who is interested in improving fitness or losing weight and unsure how to amp up their workout routine or start a routine all together.

Contact her at either 615-330-7308 or at meadkm1028@yahoo.com for more information.

Update on Eggplant Kitten, aka Sally

I got an email update from the sweet people who adopted Eggplant yesterday. (see previous post to catch up).

Apparently, Sally, as she’s been renamed, is doing just beautifully in her new home. She loves it and has settled right in. The four-year-old little girl who is Sally’s new mommy is having to work on giving “gentle hugs and kisses,” said her Mom, because the kitten is just so squeezable. Smile Too cute. She said Sally doesn’t seem to mind though, because she just keeps coming back for more. I’m telling you, this little fur baby has the sweetest disposition.

Check it out.


sally photo 3

sally photo

So glad she’s enjoying her new home and all her new furry friends in that crib.


Beach Me

The beach trip with the family was ah-mazing. A whole week of togetherness, relaxation, fun and good times. And we didn’t even get tired of each other – I don’t think. 🙂

We stayed in a house in Miramar Beach (just east of Destin and before Sandestin). It’s in a neighborhood called Frangista Beach. We used to drive by it when Josh and I were little and we’d stare at the big houses and think “that must be where the rich people stay.” Ha. While we are certainly not, our foursome was a sixsome this trip and we needed more room! The “Happy Go Lucky” was perfect and I want to live there forever.


There were porches for sitting and catching up and drinking coffee and I miss the “Happy Go Lucky” house already.


Here is a photo overload for you – and all of my iPhone photos can be seen here: https://plus.google.com/photos/103099989861665011156/albums/5744751461106338641?authkey=CIGIwMeTu9yFHA


My sweet parents – about to smooch.


We celebrated my birthday a little early while we were all together. Donut Hole doughnuts – way better than cake!



We had my birthday dinner in Baytowne Wharf at Acme Oyster House.


And topped it with a Fat Tuesday daiquiri.


Dewey Destin – so tiny and such a great hole in the wall dive seafood joint. We watched a mama dolphin and baby dolphin frolic after dinner.


Check out the rain wall moving in. So cool.



Our view when we stepped on the boardwalk to head down to the beach. I miss it!


And some courtesy of my awesome photog sis-in-law. 🙂
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Rinsing the sand off or doing the “Stanky Leg” – who knows.

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I’ve been doing that for years – apparently.


My supermodel brother and sister-in-law.

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Me and my main squeeze – and my birthday dress from my Mom and Dad! Mom had some help from her personal shopper, Ashley. 🙂

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My little familia.

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And then we had a thirsty Thursday. Things happened – like this.


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I had to go undercover for a while.

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I love this brother of mine.

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We may not be right, but they’re my family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


Can’t wait for the next Wade beach vacay! Family is a blessing –and it’s even a bigger blessing when you actually enjoy being around them. Mine is the best. Truth.


I’m Beached

I’ve been at the beach all week, so you’ll have to forgive the lack of blogging. Here are a few little tid bits to hold you over until I return and give you the full recap.

My Dad and Brother did a Half Ironman Triathlon before I got down here to the beach. They are basically amazing and I’m in awe of their dedication. They put the rest of us Wades to shame and we just ride their fitness coattails. You can read my Dad’s recap here and see some sexy photos of them in their wetsuits. http://jeffwadeflyfisher.blogspot.com/2012/05/703-half-ironman.html. Yes – my Dad is a blogger too!

Photo recaps of beach fun: (all of these courtesy of my amazing photog sis-in-law, Ashley Wade Photography):






See ya back on the mainland.


Adventure Boot Camp – Recap

Several weeks ago I saw a Groupon for Adventure Boot Camp here in Nashville. It was for either 5 or 10 sessions at a drastically cut rate – I think I got my 10 sessions for like $52, which is awesome. It meets every morning (or evening, but I chose mornings) at 5:45 a.m. and lasts four weeks. The normal package is for four weeks of camp and you can choose to go 3, 4 or 5 days a week. I did four days for two weeks and finished my last two days (10 sessions) this week.

I wasn’t sure what to expect – but my friend Kim had been through camp before and helped prep me a bit. Her one beef with it was there wasn’t enough upper body workout. Well, your review was heard, Kim – we burned out those arms several times.

Quick run down.

Josh Allen leads Adventure Boot Camp and is awesome. He told us the first day he would be encouraging, but wouldn’t yell at us. Well hell – what kind of boot camp is that? 🙂 But he was just that – very encouraging and supportive, without making you feel like a fat idiot. He adapts everything to your skill level – if you’re hurt or having issues with something, he can help you modify every exercise and does a great job of floating through the class and checking form on every exercise, praising you when you do well and will know your name by the second class. I just can’t say enough about Josh.

The boot camp meets at Lipscomb University and their facilities are the jam. I loved being outside (if it wasn’t rainy) on their tennis courts and watching the sun come up while getting my sweat on every morning. Started my whole day on a high note.

The camp is made up of all women, which was nice. One reason I hate gyms and have never held a membership is because of all the grunting men. I don’t want to see your beefcakes or hear you flexing them. So being surrounded by other women trying to reach the same goals was a nice, calm, supportive environment. I made several new friends and loved seeing their familiar faces every morning as we bonded over sweat and near tears some days. (Nah, it wasn’t that bad). 🙂

I consider myself pretty in shape, particularly with cardio since I run. But this really stretched me to do weight lifting (just 8 and 5 pound weights are required for the class) and to work some different muscle groups that running just doesn’t touch. It was a challenge every day, but not to the point where I thought I didn’t want to come back or felt like I wasn’t getting enough. It was always just right. I left in a puddle (I seriously was so sweaty I looked like I’d been swimming some days), and was sore some, but not to the point that I couldn’t come back four days in a row. One day the class will focus more on legs, the next day more on abs and arms, for example — so your soreness has time to wear off before you really burn those muscles out again.

The class progresses and gets more challenging every week, so you never get complacent and you can feel yourself getting stronger. I did drop a couple of lbs in the 10 days, but even more than that can see more definition in my abs, legs and arms. Cha-ching! But, I do intend to drink my share of cold beers and eat my weight (daily) in seafood next week at the beach – so, I look forward to undoing it all! Kidding. That’s the great thing about Josh’s camp is that I’ve learned so many things that I can take with me and do at home or while I’m at the beach next week.

Adventure Boot Camp really teaches you a lot, quickly – and pushes you in a good way. If you have a chance, try it out. I think Josh does Groupons pretty regularly, so that’s a great way to dip your toe in if you’re not sure about it, and then you can upgrade to the full four weeks if you enjoy it.


What I’m Loving Wednesday

I’m linking up with What I’m Loving Wednesday!


I’m loving my recent Target purchases. How can I spend $90 in there like it’s going out of style, when I just went in for coffee filters?

$3 belt. Yes please.


I’m so in love with this purse. I want to marry it.


I’m LOVING my Adventure Boot Camp every morning with a bunch of amazing women and our trainer, Josh Allen. I bought a Groupon to check out this whole boot camp thing, because I’m enjoying mixing up the ol’ fitness routine lately. I’m on week two – four days a week at 5:30 in the morning. Whew! I’ll do two more days in my third week and then it’s off to the beach soon. I better be beach bod ready by then! 🙂

I’m hating the heat that’s set in this week in Tennessee, but loving that it gives me an excuse to not fuss with my long, hot mop on my head. There will be many more of these easy up-dos this summer.


I’m in love with some new music that I bought today – I’ve been iPoding at work lately with my headphones and it makes the workday much more enjoyable.

Do you all know about Graffiti6 yet? You probably have heard “Free” but check out “Annie You Save Me” and “Stare Into the Sun.” OMG I love this band. So easy on the ears AND eyes. 🙂


Here’s the whole playlist that I downloaded today.


Lastly – I’m loving this guy:


And this girl!


Happy hump day, friends!


Peaches and Pecans

Last weekend my family and I took a long weekend and headed south. Way south. My Mom’s family is in South Georgia – Fitzgerald to be exact. Never heard of it? Shocker.

It’s a small town and I sure love it. My brother and I have such fond memories of spending some summer weeks and every Thanksgiving there for as long as we can remember.

But when I got into college, started working holidays and we were all going a million different directions, the Thanksgiving visits unfortunately came to a halt. Long story short, it had been nearly 12 years since Josh and I visited Georgia. For shame – I know.

But as soon as we hit the farm, it all came screaming back. Josh grabbed his fishing pole and headed for the pond. I grabbed a stick and started poking at fire ant hills and promptly got stung/bit by one. Not much has changed.

It was a great trip with great family and we are all beyond blessed.

Here’s a photo recap of the sweet southern road trip for you. Click on any of these to make them bigger.

Ash and I in the car. Five of us in a Toyota Camry – it was cozy, but flew by. Fortunately we’re all hilarious…and we know it. The stories were abundant.


The farm! And the farm house.


This old cattle chute used to fascinate me when I was little.


Poppa Joe and my Momma.


Fire ant hills. And fishin’.


Dirt roads everywhere. More guineas in the road than cars.



Dad caught the biggest fish of the day!


Poppa Joe promptly went to clean it for dinner – and terrify Ashley by cleaning it for quite a while before finally cutting its head off and putting it out of its misery. Nothing like a fish having its scales scraped off while its gills flap up and down.



Three generations of good genes, if you ask me.


My grandma always has about 5 or 6 cats and dogs – plus the chickens, cows, guineas, etc. It was one of mine and Josh’s favorite things about visiting when we were little – seeing what new animals she’d taken in. She worked for the Humane Society, and oftentimes, WAS the Humane Society. She is an animal lover for sure.


Ashley was quite the fisherwoman too!


Japanese tourist or fisherman? You decide.



On the left, the “town”house that Momma Too lived in for a while. Poppa Joe worked the farm, but Momma Too stayed at her “town”house to stay away from all the pesticides on the farm. They would have their date every night when Poppa Joe came into town for the dinner Momma Too had prepared. So sweet.

On the right is the church my parents were married in over 30 years ago.


Lunch was at Harvey’s – the grocery store. WOW. Look at that buffet. I could eat that again right.this.second. And of course, sweet tea bigger than my head.


Our resident photog. We’re lucky to have her!


The pecan orchard. I have many bags of pecans in my freezer from this place!


That little fella on the far right was so curious about us. It was baby cow season – there were so many of them.


And lastly, this is what Momma Too looked like most of the day. Doing what she does best – snoozing and cuddling an animal or two. “Multi-tasking,” as she says.


It was such a good trip. Let’s go back soon, familia!


Georgia on my Mind

I’m visiting my grandparents for the first time in a long, long time. Shameful, I know. But we are all having the best time and time seems to have stood still here. Although the farm seems smaller and we’ve all gotten older, the cows are still mooing and the fish are still biting. It is pretty amazing and feels like sunshine and memories.

Today went something like this. Lots more photos to come.


ATX — What’s Yo’ Dream?

This past weekend was the 7th Annual Phi Mu Girls Weekend. My college pals and I have been out of college almost 7 years (gasp!) and we get together every MLK weekend to celebrate. Why? Because we like to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of course.

Actually, it’s a convenient weekend because most people have Monday off and well…we’re not doing much else.

We rotate locations of this weekend extravaganza since we’re all spread out, and this year was in Austin, TX. Crystal moved there in the past year or so, and we’re STOKED she did! It was epic.

Prepare yourself for a photo-heavy recap of Phi Mu loveliness.

Ready, go!

Crystal told us to take all non-essentials out of our purses for shopping on Saturday. Please notice that Melissa started sorting through her purse and pulled out Big Boy. (under her arm in this photo). He stayed in the purse – totally essential.


Lunch on Congress St. at Home Slice. To die for NY style pizza. And this was my menu, so you know it was a winner in my book.


Adrienne, Crystal, Melissa, Edgin, Yours Truly, Doss and Monica.


Food trucks on Congress St. Can you tell we like to eat? Maybe that’s why we’re all such good friends. This is Crystal – our hostess with the mostess.


Sweet Melissa and Monica with her cupcake. I don’t hang out with ugly people, clearly.


Alright – for dinner, we headed to Uchi. Crystal made us reservations two weeks in advance and the only time we could get in was 5:30. I made AARP jokes. But, little did we know, we hit “Sake Social” hour. SCORE.

Now, this restaurant is one of the current Top Chef contestant’s restaurants. Crystal built it up so big in our minds that I was sure it would never stand up. It’s mostly (or maybe all) sushi. We sat down, perused the menu, and had no idea what to order. Most of it isn’t even in English.

Thanks to our helpful waitress and our local gal though, we picked out a few happy hour tastings and began the teasing of the tastebuds. Oh.Em.Gee. If you are in Austin, take out a small loan and go on a romantic date or girls night here. Then do yourself  favor and order one of everything. It is worth every.single.penny. The sushi was the freshest thing I’ve ever tasted. It melted in your mouth.




Here are a few of my tastings. First, hama chili — yel­low­tail sashimi, sliced thai chili, orange supremes. This was my favorite. I should have ordered a second one of these. As you can see, it’s a small tasting size dish. Totally Top Chef style. I felt like Padma.


Next, this sushi roll was the Shag — tempura fried salmon roll, sun dried tomato, sumiso, spicy sauce. Hands down, the best sushi roll I’ve ever tasted. I would have eaten these till I threw up if I wasn’t afraid of embarrassing my pretty friends. That’s some squid ink or something spread on the serving board. Pretty tasty.


And finally – the Bacon Steakie — pork belly, water­melon radish, citrus, thai basil. I had never had pork belly. I die. It was so good. Like bacon but ten times richer and better.


Also, I had an order of the machi cure — smoked baby yellow­tail, yucca chips, asian pear, marcona almonds, garlic brittle. I must have inhaled it so quickly though, that I forgot to take a photo.

The tastings were small, but it allowed you to have a taste of everything and it was so fun. Honestly, it wasn’t that expensive either. For all of the delicious food we got to try and the drinks we consumed, I honestly would have paid double and still thought it totally worth it.

Me and Melissa drinking our un-distilled sake. It’s traditional to pour the sake overflowing in a small glass, that sits inside these boxes. The overflowing glass symbolizes generosity. Then you pour the rest of the sake into the box and drink it like so. 🙂 We’re so cultured.


Next, it was onto the famous Broken Spoke for dance lessons and honky-tonking.

Me and Edgin on the left – my roomie from Freshman year at UT! And Dossy on the right – my beautiful Phi Mu who lives in Nashville, but I see more OUT of town. 🙂


Don’t hate.


Melissa getting her dance lesson with Jack. He had some moves!


After the Broken Spoke it was back to Crystal’s briefly (the Broken Spoke was sort of early in the evening). And we had a special surprise for Crystal, who just got engaged. A Phi Mu candlelight! Oh yes – a sacred Phi Mu tradition…well, not that sacred. This is a public blog, after all. Want to know the handshake? 😉


Congrats, my love!


Now, in the cab and on to Downtown Austin!



Meet the Space Rockers, who dressed like Power Rangers and played Top 40 hits…but from 7-8 years ago. I swear, it was like we wrote their playlist during our senior year at UT. Get Low, anyone? What about “Shake it like a Salt Shaker?”



Crystal, convincing them to give us a shout out. Yep – we were just dancing away and all of the sudden heard, “this one is for my Phi Mu ladies….” We squealed like groupies.


I call this “the morning after.” P.S. – yes, we’re in matching shirts that say “7th Annual Phi Mu Girls Weekend – Austin, TX” on them. Crystal really went the extra mile with this hosting business!


Next was on to Juan in a Million. Oh.Em.Gee. Although the smell of food almost made several of us have to run for the bushes, we eventually quelled the evening’s shenanigans with some breakfast burritos and tacos. I was the only one we strayed and got beef, rather than breakfast tacos. Mistake. I survived on chips and queso at 9 in the morning. Delish.

Juan in a Million is famous for the Don Juan, which is a HUMONGOUS breakfast burrito. And it’s $4. Two people split it and still can’t finish it. Breakfast for $2? Yes sir. It was featured on Man vs. Food, where Adam tried to eat 8 of the breakfast tacos – and failed miserably.


Monica is proud of her stereotype as an Asian driver. She is so hilarious. She also was fond of asking people (after a little liquid courage) – “Do you know why we’re here?” And after a couple of seconds of confused, blank staring, she’d respond “We’re celebrating the life and death of Dr. Martin Luther King.” We thought at one point it may be more appropriate to say “life and legacy,” but it was too engrained in our minds by then to change it.


Sunday evening it was off to the Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX. This was recently featured on Top Chef where they competed in a BBQ challenge and I was so excited after watching the episode. Can’t believe we actually went there – and can’t believe I didn’t take photos of the massive amount of food we ordered. We started with brisket, ribs, smoked turkey and sausage, (1 pd. of each) and then ordered more of the brisket and sausage. We had two pints of cole slaw, one pint of potatoes, baked beans and pickles and onions. Then we got one of each dessert – blackberry cobbler, peach cobbler and pecan pie. We tipped generously, and each owed $12.50. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Oh, and it was BYOB, so we had our cooler tableside. Heaven.

The grounds were amazingly beautiful. You can check out more on their website, because I can’t do it justice without photos. It would be amazing for a wedding, but I can’t imagine the cheese you’d have to fork over for a rental fee.

Hey – Yates – maybe you should look into that for your upcoming nuptials. I will pitch in $12.50 for my meal.

Here we are below, in the Salt Lick winery doing a tasting while waiting on our table.


Nik, Crystal’s man, joined us on this excursion and even treated us to the wine tasting. We love Nik.



The pit! If you watched Top Chef, you saw this.


I imagine this was against Health Dept. regulations, but whatev.


Me and Edgin with our beer staches – best invention ever.


My other sustenance for the weekend. I had 2.5 Whataburgers and as many fries. Nom nom nom nom.


Pirate! Snuggling and chewing her bone on my sleep spot.


The last night we cuddled on the futon (with Pirate) and watched Bridesmaids. The perfect ending to a perfect weekend with perfect girlfriends.


We really are so blessed to still have each other and be so close. Even if we don’t all see each other regularly, or even keep in touch as well as we should with our busy lives, we all come right back together like we didn’t miss a beat. That’s what real friendship should feel like, if you ask me. Ups and downs, backwards and forwards, we always have our girls.

Thanks again for being such an amazing hostess, Crystal. The entire weekend was planned to a T, but flowed so seamlessly. Can’t wait to come back for the Yates/Bristow wedding extravaganza!! I’m making my reservation at Uchi as so0n as you tell me your wedding date. 😉