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I’ve gone back and forth on whether to delete this page or not – as I type this in May, 2015. It seems so irrelevant now. I wrote this in 2013-ish, when running was still a huge part of my routine, whether I loved it or hated it. I’ll just let it hang here for now. But know I feel it’s quite dated – as you can see from the race history. ūüėČ


Here’s the skinny on me and running.

I ran off and on all my life. A little track and field in high school, a tiny bit of cross country before that, but mostly only when I was being chased. Or, trying not to gain the Freshman 15 in college.

In 2010, after a crappy 2009 and a need to focus nervous energies elsewhere, I made a resolution to run a half marathon. How convenient – the Country Music Half Marathon was coming up in April, in my lovely town of Nashville, Tenn. I was game. I told everyone I knew that I planned to run it – mostly so they would hold me accountable and call me fat if I backed out.

I started training with Fleet Feet Sports in January. (They are amazeballs. Love them.)¬† Our first training run was 4 miles — and I was as proud after that first run as I was when I finished the half marathon. I remember calling my Dad, in happy tears, the first time I ran 5 miles — like I was Steve¬†Prefontaine or something.

I savored the flavor of the runner’s high. During that training I ran without music for the first time. I ran with friends and ran with God. I enjoyed the “quiet,” even when it wasn’t, of running. It was an escape. I was RUN-NING! (As Forrest Gump would say).

I finished that half mary on April 30, 2010. When I crossed the finish line my Mom (who cried) said “how was it?” AWFUL,¬† I responded.

“Would you do it again?”

I don’t know. Too soon to tell. I had to walk off and on after 10 miles — thought I would die.

“Well honey – it’s kind of like having a baby. You’re in shock right now — let’s revisit later and you might feel differently.”

Words of wisdom.

I ran the Women’s Half Marathon 5 months later and bettered my time by 5 minutes.

During those nine months of training for the two half marys I experienced several injuries. I knocked a bone out of line in my foot that had to be popped back into place by my PT. I was apparently running wrong (on my heels), so I had to learn how to run on my mid-foot. This change caused a knee injury for which I still wear a knee-brace (sleeve). Lastly, I had the most God-awful, nagging shin pains ever. These eventually sat me out of the 2011 Country Music Half, after I’d already registered and let my nerves eat me alive for three months of training.

I’ve run a few 5Ks and 10Ks as well — making memories with my family of runners every time.

These days, I enjoy my short runs after work every other day. They are the ultimate stress reliever and I find the runner’s high from even a sweaty two-miler. I’ll eventually do more races, but for now, I’m just enjoying running when I feel like it – not because I have to comply with some training schedule.

I don’t claim to be an expert, nor am I very fast. I don’t run to break records (even personal ones). I run because I can, because it makes me feel free, because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and because I like to fit into my jeans.

I love running and thank God for the ability to do it. So if you want to read about it, I’ll be here writing about it. Whining, cheering, laughing or crying, depending on the day – I’ll be writing about it.



Country Music Half Marathon – April 2010 – 2:25:26

Knox Expo 5K – May 2010 – 29:44

Asheville NC Hot August Nights 5K – August 2010 – 29:20

Women’s Running Magazing Women’s Half Marathon, Nashville – September 2010 – 2:20:58

I Run for the Party Halloween 10K, Nashville – October 2010 – 1:05:56

Richland Creek Run (5 miler) – April 2012 – 51:18

Giles County “Run from the Law” 2nd Annual 10K – October 2012 – 1:04ish? I can’t remember.

One thought on “Run It

  1. Haha, we like similar run tastes! I have also ran both the County Music Half and the Hot Asheville Night 5K. Just at different times : ) Always nice to find a fellow runner writer.

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